Speaker Posts

In my 12 years as an audiophile audiogear lover, I have gone through over a dozen speakers. Not one has binding posts that fit well with speaker cables spades!! Ive spent nervous hours trying to expand and bend speaker spades so that they make a nice fit into the binding post. I only hope that one sunny day comes where speaker designers and speaker cable makers have a world summit to get it right once and for all.
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Why do you want to use spades? Every mechanical connection, be it splice, crimp, or solder, creates an interface that the signal must cross, adding resistance (maybe capacitance..its been along time since E school) and detracts from the signal. Unless the laws of physics have been changed, a direct bare wire connection may not look as tidy, but seems to me to be the best. I suspect this is liable to start a debate.
justlisten: what sort of speakers have you been buying? what cables? i've never had to "bend" or "expand" a spade to get it snugged on a speaker post. -kelly
most every speaker cable ive purchased and have seen here on Agon have come with spades. right now im using Yamamura 4000s, and Duntech Black Knights. I recently had Martin Logan CLS, Acousitc Energy ae2 in the home, and just recently recd a pair of Scientific Fidlelity Teslas. The problem that I find is that the Teslas and many other speakers have Edison Price Posts, and most spades have that U shaped spade joint that is smaller than the conecting rod on the EP Post. Trying to get the most contact area and to create a snug fit, ive had to bend open the spade. Am I alone in this??

thanks all

My problem is the posts on various amps. Right now I happen to be the owner of 2 amps that are spade installation nightmares.( I actually have 6 amps.-- More is less? right?) #1: The dreaded CJ "binding strip" affair. (early premiere series) You use a flat blade screwdriver to tighten ; I don't think there is a spade made that you can get in the opening they give you.---Without bending the spade. / Next up, Eagle2. You have to bend the spade and have the finger size of an 8 year old;to get the job done.--- Well, that's all I have to say about that. / everybody glad?---(If that's all I have to say.)
I feel your pain...
Been there, done that...
More times than I care to remember!
However, my Accuphase amp gives me huge binding posts with lots of thread to work with, but I still had to install replacement binding posts on my speakers to get the connection I wanted.
I have had the same problem. I've been thinking of using a spade to banana adaptor. However I sure hate having to pass the signal through it. For now I'm bending the spades but I have headed for the tool box to get my cutters more than once. Just can't bring myself to nipping a factory spade. I sure will be happy when they come out with industry standards.
I'am with cornfedboy on this one. What type of speakers and cables are you using? I have the Wilson cubs II, and am using Analysis Plus Silver Oval W/spades and they fit perfectly. I have also tried Harmonic Technology W/spades and they also fit perfect.
I have had the opposite problem. Getting the spades around the posts on my amplifier of choice.
Sugarbrie, Now this is the true dilemma. I have known friends that have spent hours and days tinkering with amps and connectors. I'am lucky, I have the Theta Dreadnaught, and this amp was built for spades.

Im doing as you are and using Cardas bananna adapters. I cringe at the extra level of metal im going thru, however when I A/B with a poor direct spade connection, the Cardas sounds better.
The B&W Matrix series have oversize posts and will not accept standard 1/4" spades. I replaced the standard posts on my 802S3s with Cardas posts to solve this problem. I don't know if it was the improved contact area or the Cardas posts, but the improvement in sound quality was quite noticeable. Paradigms also have a slightly larger post then the standard 1/4" and require the spade to be slightly widened with a pair of pliers.
try Cardas rohidium binding posts they work excellent for me.