Starter speaker cable for N804s and MF A5

Looking for a good choice for the above - the core of my first-system-to-be (hopefully). Something I could pick up on the internet (and in Europe) would be ideal, hopefully for not more than a couple of hundred US dollars. I can upgrade later - for now I'm just getting started.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Actually, I went with the MF A300 but cable advice would still be appreciated!
I was amazed at Anti-Cables. I tried them all...cost was not a consideration for me, yet I wound up with the Anti-Cables.
I was listening to the Dali MS5 today and brought my Purist speaker cable for kicks. That system had Anti-Cables speaker cables(can I actually call them cables if they're called Anti-Cables? hmmmm that's a tough one).
Actually my Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Aqueous speaker cable was so much better than the Anti-Cables in that system, that I would not recommend Anti-Cables at all. This was actually my first encounter with Speltz wire. And it wasn't a good one.

Borntorun, you are welcome to try Anti-Cables, but as far as I'm concerned based on what I heard today, it's a waste of time.

i realize that systems are differemt and synergy plays a big role, but I just can not see how the Anti-cables can live up to their hype. No offense Stringreen. Really, there was absolutely no competition between the cables. Anti-Cables sounded thin, tipped up and had flat images. no dimensionality to speak of. I don't know how much they cost, but they shouldn't cost more than $20. Sorry man. They just don't cut it. For couple hundred I'd go for Monster M2.4s biwire. Should be all you need to start. Or lower end Audience like Maestro or Conductor.

With my N803 I have tried Monster M2.4s, Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun, Tranparent Music-Wave Plus, Audience AU24, Synergitic Tesla Accelerator. Now I have Purist 20th Anniversary Aqueous biwire cables and by far they are the best out of the ones I listed. Tesla Accelerator is close second. If you can use XLR cables, I highly recommend Aqueous as well. Just a great match with the B&Ws. Flushes out all the good things in the speaker. Bass solid, treble sweet, midrange glare-free and not forward, soundstage, imaging, you name it. Now I know you CANNOT get that for few hundred....but for future reference this is something you may want to consider.

Good luck.

I found biwire speaker cables to work better than same single wire version. it would apply for most of the speaker cables.
Good pun! LOL. Flushes out / fleshes out... What with them being *aqueous* cables...