Anyone heard Zingali speakers from Italy

Anyone audition this speaker line?? Zingali speakers from Italy have basically three lines. The hi-end line is called Overture Series, and another slightly less expensive line. Besides beuatiful cabinet work, they use a compression horn driver in combination with standard cone drivers. They have gotten some attention overseas, and at recent hi-fi Expos in Canada and US. Thank you, Jimbo
I heard some of their speakers at the Tuscanny, the "unofficial" venue of the 2002 CES. The distributor had a comprehensive display of Zingalis that were ALL hooked up to a comprehensive display of Audion components.

I was most impressed with the largest speaker there (I think it was the HM112-about 11k retail). It was being driven by a pair of Audion Silver Knights, 300b push pull- 20 watts. The sound(stage) was immense, had effortless dynamics, and with finesse' that is unusual for a horn design. I would go as far as to say that it was one of the best sounds I heard at the show.
I have owned a pair of Zingali Overture 2S (two way speakers on stands). Nice speakers with an excellent integration of horn and woofer. Because of their high sensitivity you can easily use high quality amplifiers with modest power (25W per channel is enough).
I agree with Ultrakaz. I attended "The Show" at the Tuscanny Hotel in Las Vegas and was particularly impressed with the HM-112 model. The speaker certainly played big and was very dynamic. The HM-112 speakers were placed rather far apart and yet, the mids were deep and resounding, very impressive with a Big Band cd recording.
I auditioned some of the smaller Zingalis (one floor stander and one book shelf) at a local retailer. I had very mixed feelings about them. On large scale recordings, they sounded phenomenal. They sounded their best with a recording of a swing band. The horns sounded incredibly realistic (I have heard this band live several times, and always make a point of standing near the stage at least once during the night so I can hear the unamplified sound). Large symphony also sounded excellent, and popular music sounded pretty good too. I was disappointed in the sound of a small chamber group, and solo singers. I concluded that the Zingalis had a harmonic distortion that sounded much like the sound of a musical instrument horn. This restored the sounds of recorded horns that "accurate" equipment can't reproduce. However, I felt the speakers imposed this harmonic structure on everything they palyed, which wasn't always so good. They never did sound bad, and even when their colorations didn't work to their advantage, I thought they still sounded quite pleasant. I had a similar feeling with a Golden Tube audio amp, which worked wonders on bowed strings, but made everyuthing (including Chris Isaac's voice) sound like it was being bowed.