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Output Couling Cap - V-Cap, Sonicap Plat, Duelund?
I found this comparison at Audiocircle. I don't have experience with the Sonicap Platinum or Duelund caps, however I'm using 2uf TFTF V-Caps as output couplers in my deHavilland UV with excellent results. Clearly better then OIMP V-Caps, Mundorf S... 
Outlaw Audio 990 pre/pro - any experiences?
I replaced my seven year old Meridian 561 processor last fall with a 990. The Meridian was a bit smoother, and a little more sophisticated sounding on the way sounds pan front to back, and side to side. Beyond that the 990 has many more features, ... 
Preamp Caps?Auricap,Mundorf, Hovland, jensen,solen
The original caps in my UV were a paralleled pair of 1uf Russian PIOs and 1.5uf Auricaps for a total of 2.5uf per channel. What you are describing with your 4uf OIMP and .1 TFTF is similar to my experience with the 3.3uf OIMP. I tried a .01, .1, a... 
Preamp Caps?Auricap,Mundorf, Hovland, jensen,solen
Sherod, I went back to OIMPs bypassed with TFTFs in my deHavilland UV preamp about five months ago. I'm now using 2.7uf OIMPs bypassed with .22uf TFTFs. This combination blends seamlessly, and for the most part sounds like an all TFTF v-cap. That ... 
Von Schweikert VR 4 Gen III SE Thread size?
The VR-4 HSEs have 3/8" threaded inserts. 
Preamp Caps?Auricap,Mundorf, Hovland, jensen,solen
I've tried using the TFTF V-caps in a few different bypass positions using different bypass values(preamp couplers, speaker crossovers), and ultimately have removed them. Initially the resolution and air that the teflon caps add is impressive. How... 
problems with CJ's Premier 140 ? anyone
I bought mine used a year and a half ago, and haven't had any trouble or operational issues. 
Recommendation for small satellite speakers
The era 4s come with wall brackets. I don't know how they would compare to the Tylers, but they sound very good for their size, and are capable of real mid bass without the hump. I use the era 4s as surrounds and era 5s up front. 
Shunyata Python Helix PCs
The Python Helix connections use a green shrink wrap instead of red on the previous version. It also has Python Helix Alpha written on it. 
CJ Premier 140 vs. Mcintosh MC2102
I've had both amps in my system, though not at the same time. As Jaybo states both are very nice amps, however the PR140 has noticeably more power, control, and drive, and is actually the more neutral sounding amp. 
Sensitivity in speakers
If you have solid corners the Seven Pi w/JBL drivers would be worth your consideration, even if you had them built for you. I'm close to completing the mid-horns on mine, and have been running the bass modules and 2426 horns configured as two ways... 
CJ ACT2 with Premier 140 or 350 or LP70S?
I haven't had an opportunity to listen to the 350, or the LP70S, however I am currently driving my 89db VR4 GEN III SEs with the 140, and think the combination works very well together. The 140 is optimized for 4ohm loads, so it shouldn't have any... 
Problem with Bryston 14bsst
Jafox, valid point. Swapping the 6AH4s would determine whether the 6AH4 from the working (left) channel solves the problem in the right channel. The left channel does not have to be connected to the Bryston to test this. 
Problem with Bryston 14bsst
Try swapping your left and right 6AH4 tubes to see if the problem changes to the left channel. I can't be certain, but I had a similar problem with my UV when a 6SN7 Tungsol blackplate went highly microphonic, and may have shorted. I believe this ... 
advice with upgrading tube preamp
Second Tvad's comments above. The UV may not be the end game, but it is a very good preamp in it's price range, and revealing enough to reflect what's going on in the rest of your system. What 6SN7 are you using, and do you have the remote version...