Speaker cables where to begin?

I have a system I am comfortable with so far I believe the cables are the weakest link.

I am currently using transparent audio music wave cables in 15 foot length. Unfortunately, I can't go much shorter possibly 12 feet but that is stretching it.

My system consists of and Accuphase E-408 integrated amp, Transrotor Darkstar TT with JR arm (AKA jelco 750D) benz micro glider 2 Low output cartridge using the Accuphase AD-20 card. Other components are an Accuphase T100 tuner and Arcam DV29 for occasional CD listening.

Everything is run through a Richard gray 600 Pro. Interconnects are older straightwire.

I am not looking to spend a fortune on cables although I was thinking I should use a biwire terminated end for the speakers. I guess the question is what would do the best for my system 1st vs what is most economical improvement? Some day I am sure I will make other upgrades but for now I am looking at speaker cables and possibly power cords and what would do justice to my system.

I did notice an incredible improvement in CD sound quality with the addition of the RG 600. Should I expect an equal improvement from both TT and CD with speaker cables?

Did you call the cable company/usedcables.com? They keep a data base of what customers prefer with their particular gear. IME, you might want to take their advise with a grain of salt. Most of their recommendations are right on the money, but once in a while they seem to push stuff for their own reasons. All in all a good resource.
Wasn't aware of them. I will have to give them a try.

I have read about signal cables here on this forum, but have not tried them. They are reasonably low priced.

On the higher end, the Synergistic Research cables in my system sound very good.


look for some good DIY and listen i sold my pair transp.subw 2000 cables traded down to supra diy cables bare ends $12give me a gun i could of saved $1988 and been a happy camper at least had more cash dont by into the $$$$$$$$$$
Maddoggy brings up a great point. Don't always think a higher cost means better. Try to demo any potential replacement cable in your home on your system to see if it is worth the cost to you.
Isn't there a break in period? How does one demo cables? I see used cables offers a program at 15% of the cost If I don't buy I loose 15%. I guess that is better than paying up so much for expensive cables. Are there other options to demoing cables?

I have sat at my local store and they had switched cables to allow me to hear the differences. I was surprised how much change there was in the sound stage and tonal quality from one cable to the next. Although these were much higher end components and not every system is made equally.
Try out some Anti-cables and know you can sell quickly if not in step with your system.They replaced Cardas Neutral Ref. here with Merlins and Mac,good luck,Bob
Try out some Morrow SP3s or SP4s... give them plenty, and I mean plenty, of time to breakin. He has a 60 day trial period, with money back.

I think you will be quite surprised at what you hear. I know I was. And very affordable new compared to many other cables.

I'm just a happy customer, no business affiliation with Morrow Audio.

:) listening,

Morrow Audio all the way
Work you way into the Morrow SP4. You will not be dissapointed with the price to performance ratio at all. The trial period and trade up program works as well. I started with the 3 series and moved to the 4. Right out of the box they sound good but after they break in they sound great!
Usedcable.com's demo cables are already broken in. They carry almost every brand. The deposit can be applied to your purchase. They are a business after all. Why would they maintain a data base, risk lending you cables, and then have you purchase elsewhere? Put yourself in their shoes. Either that or randomly purchase and sell cables at various lengths and condition here on Audiogon, keep listening notes, and then hope the ones you liked in the length you need shows up in a timely fashion.
I recently purchased some Blue Jeans speaker cables for my parents and own a pair of Morrow SP3 cables. The difference really was not that great. The Morrows are cleaner, a bit more refined and offer a better level of detail.

The difference was greater with my Kaplan power cords and Running Springs Haley. However, the IC's from Blue Jeans were a degradation in sound quality. However bear in mind, i did not have the Blue Jeans IC's long enough to break them in, nor the speaker cables.

The best speakercables you can give any transistoramp are thick massive and as short as possible. Resistance are the enemy, try to find some really thick copper and give it a loud burn-in and you`ll never look back.

Be prepared for a dynamic experience ;)
I would give straightwire maestro II a shot - still a giant killer.
Go to bluejeanscable.com No nonsense no hype.
PNF Audio Symphony speaker cables and ICON ic's. Best cable for the dollar spent that I've ever found. Steve at PNF is a great guy to work with as well....