Speaker cable recommendations for B&W 683

Hi all,

Looking for new (or used) speaker cables that would mate well with B&W 683's. I know they recommend a certain spec, but not sure what to look for??

Single wire with jumpers?? Biwire?? Silver or copper??

Thanks for any suggestions. Looking in the ~$200-$600 range
give or take.
I have a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5c, 8 ft single wire that would do the job very well. Contact me if you are interested. I have a set of Zu Ibis jumpers that would beat those brass strips, all below you budgeted price.
Some years ago I had B&W CM4 and was looking for cables. Some wiser folks here told me not to spend on cables because my systems didn't have enough resolution. I didn't like the answer...but time proved they were right.

I think you might be on the same situation. So don't spend much, save, upgrade the speakers, and then sweat about cables. If you still want to spend now, try Kimber Kable.

Check out The Cable Company and their cable lending library to test if they make a worthwhile difference.

I highly recommend the old Transparent Bi-cable musicwave super.

Thanks everyone, but gave up on the B&W's and took them back
and traded them for a new pair Def Tech BP 8060's. Much better, and I can use my existing cables.

Thanks again,