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Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
@lihifiguy I feel the same way about Steven Tyler and "Aeroshit"  
Help fine-tune my speaker search
I have a pair of Totem Model 1 available. Note these are not the Signature edition.    
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
These fit in your sweet spot:    
I have owned many Magnepans, but never this one and have always been curious about them
Biggest mistake Magnepan ever made. Nothing good about them.   
Suggestions for high efficiency speakers?
Here's a pair of Cornwall III SE's for sale not too far from you that might fit the requirement.    
Suggestions for high efficiency speakers?
Curious to know what you don't (or no longer) like about your JA RM 25 Sigs. Granted they are probably not the most efficient speakers but they are nice sounding speakers.  
Full range speaker for rogue 90 or 100 wpc amp.
Room size, amplification and budget suggests Magnepan 1.7i 
RIP Leon Redbone
If anything, an interesting performer.  
What is the best sound system you ever heard?
Complete MBL system.  Radialstrahler 101, 9011 amp, 6010 pre-amp, VPI Aries.  
Is there a quality website that lists upcoming releases of music
Sign up for Paste. 
Advice re CD Player upgrade requested
Emotiva ERC-3. $499 direct. 
Quad ESL service, Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ?
No info on Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited.If you are located anywhere in the New England, I can suggest 
I wonder how many audiophiles there are these days
Check this out. She looks to be devoted to the hobby.  
Can you shoot me 2 VINYL albums that cost
Paul Simon "Graceland". 
What is the weird "fisheye" pic on so many items?
List on USAudiomart and that solves the problem