Speaker Cable Advice

I moved to a new house where my new listening room has a large fireplace.  Because I can no longer place the amp in between the speakers if I want to use the fireplace, my 8 foot Audioquest Meteor cables are too short.  I am looking for speaker cables at least 12 feet in length and up to 15 feet for $3000 or less.  I would prefer an all copper cable and if it adds a touch of warmth that would be a good thing in my system.  

So far I have found in my price range Cardas Clear Reflection (new), Kimber Monacle X or XL (new), Kimber Bifocals (I can use biwire cables) or the Kimber KS6063 slightly above my budget. In the used market I have seen Acoustic Zen Satori's, Audioquest Castle Rock (would need to be reterminated though) and a Synergistic Reseach Tesla Accelerators.  I have also been offered XLO Reference 3 cables by a local dealer.

I need to get this done but work and life in general prevent me from auditioning cables. Right now I am leaning to the Cardas based on the reviews. 

Would love to hear from the group what your recommendations are.  If it helps, my system is:  

Feickert Firebird Turntable
Reed 2C Arm
Ortofon Windfeld Cart
Audio Research Reference 2A Phono Pre 
Esoteric C-03 Preamp
TAD Evolution One Speakers
Transparent Power Cords 
Audioquest ICs

How about purchasing a single 12ft Meteor? I admit there could be a few drawbacks but nothing extreme.

If you're not in a hurry, AQ is releasing the Folk Hero series in March. 
Why don't try some substantial lampchords. You might be surprised.
+1 dorkwad (I also agree)
@nekoaudio, yes I have the Holograms configured in single wire and they really do the job nicely but found out after I had purchased them 6 years ago that AZ recommends them for biwire and the Satori for single wire applications. Cheers
@tooblue I spoke with Robert Lee about this and he recommended the Hologram II for me even though I do not require biwire.