Speaker Cable Advice

I moved to a new house where my new listening room has a large fireplace.  Because I can no longer place the amp in between the speakers if I want to use the fireplace, my 8 foot Audioquest Meteor cables are too short.  I am looking for speaker cables at least 12 feet in length and up to 15 feet for $3000 or less.  I would prefer an all copper cable and if it adds a touch of warmth that would be a good thing in my system.  

So far I have found in my price range Cardas Clear Reflection (new), Kimber Monacle X or XL (new), Kimber Bifocals (I can use biwire cables) or the Kimber KS6063 slightly above my budget. In the used market I have seen Acoustic Zen Satori's, Audioquest Castle Rock (would need to be reterminated though) and a Synergistic Reseach Tesla Accelerators.  I have also been offered XLO Reference 3 cables by a local dealer.

I need to get this done but work and life in general prevent me from auditioning cables. Right now I am leaning to the Cardas based on the reviews. 

Would love to hear from the group what your recommendations are.  If it helps, my system is:  

Feickert Firebird Turntable
Reed 2C Arm
Ortofon Windfeld Cart
Audio Research Reference 2A Phono Pre 
Esoteric C-03 Preamp
TAD Evolution One Speakers
Transparent Power Cords 
Audioquest ICs

I'm hooked on OCC copper. Wireworld has released Generation "8" for its Eclipse series so many Gen-7s for sale used. I use Gen-7 Eclipse and have no complaints.
Call Joe Abrams @ Equus Audio for phenomenal pricing on MIT.  They will provide enormous soundstaging and that analog warmth without loosing detail, plus tonality to die for!
Dweller, good call on the Wireworld Eclipse 7.  Thanks. I will do a search.

Also I appear not to have posted my amp:  a Krell Evo 302e.  
The Acoustic Zen cables are very good and a lot of bang for the buck, I believe the Satori are configured for single wire hook ups where the Holograms are configured for biwire applications. I am running the Hologram IIs in my system and see no reason to change. Good luck.
I use AQ GO-4's with my Vandy's and have no complaints.
A step 'below' Castle Rock, but one that should be considered, especially if it fits more with your budget.
Synergistic in a heartbeat. If you can get Tesla Accelerators in your budget that would be the best of everything you listed.
Get the best get Purist.
Look at Acoustic BBQ duelund cables made by Bill Dion--grannyring on Audiogon.  He has ads on Agon continuously and is a serious DIY guy with credentials.  He's taken many excellent speakers and modded them to be like 25-50% better sounding.  He's done the same with a few awesome TRL DUDEs.  Don't let the prices fool you.  These are very nice sounding musical cables that allow you to hear real instruments and beautiful voices.  He will custom make the exact length of cable and will basically charge what the difference is in cost of materials.  He's a retired dude and does this AS A SERVICE to audiophiles tired of getting hosed on cable prices.


So many best Evers:))
Audio Note makes some excellent relatively affordable copper speaker cables. Lexus would definitely be in your price range and the next step up Isis should be as well.
I love the Reality Cables. Had Purist Musaeus and Morrow 7. Both very good but moved up for less money to Reality Cables. Check out website. www.realitycables.com
I second Dorkwad. (Never thought I’d say that, great name btw). You can’t go wrong with bill dion (grannyring) and his acoustic bbq speaker cables. 
@tooblue the Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables are also available for single wiring setups, just like the Satori.
How about purchasing a single 12ft Meteor? I admit there could be a few drawbacks but nothing extreme.

If you're not in a hurry, AQ is releasing the Folk Hero series in March. 
Why don't try some substantial lampchords. You might be surprised.
+1 dorkwad (I also agree)
@nekoaudio, yes I have the Holograms configured in single wire and they really do the job nicely but found out after I had purchased them 6 years ago that AZ recommends them for biwire and the Satori for single wire applications. Cheers
@tooblue I spoke with Robert Lee about this and he recommended the Hologram II for me even though I do not require biwire. 
@freesole we're also using the Hologram II in single-wire configuration.
Well after a search of the market, I can get AZ Hologram II, Cardas Clear Reflection and Wireworld Eclipse 8 in 4M for about the same price new.  Now leaning to Wireworld.  Voice your opinion between these three or give your experience.  Decision to be made this week. Thanks Teeshot
Wireworld is a trade. It is dark, but phenomenal imaging.
Not sure what you mean by trade. 
I meant that it’s not a pure win.

You do get better imaging, but you sacrifice mid to treble.

I guess if your speaker/ amp combo is naturally bright, it is win-win!

I’m using Studio Cable 4S cables to great effect in my system. they replaced my old MIT cables. You would probably need to email them for the custom size you need though.
I just ordered Wireworld Eclipse 8.  I will report in how they sound vs the AQ Meteors and Clarus Aqua I have had in my system.
@teeshot - Congrats! Keep us posted.