Speaker advise for a new Tube Amp.


Currently I am purchasing the FX10 by Jolida, real nice little amp for the money and specs. The tube amp is rated at 10WPC however, they really put out about 12WPC. Anyway, I contacted Jolida personally to inquire as to what speaker would be a good match with it. They informed me that I needed a good pair of bookshelfs with a high efficiency of 90db or more, better at 92db.

My speaker budget is around $500, so far I've looked into HSU HB1, Tekton Speakers etc. I am looking for a good musical speaker, however I know that at my price range that would require some homework. Lastly, my room size is pretty big 20X40.

Looking forward to some honest feedback and advise. Thanks!
Klipsch Forte II. Used for around $600. Check E-Bay and Craigslist.

Frankly, I don't know what else will fill a 20x40 room on 10wpc, let alone for $500. IMO, true bookshelf speakers aren't going to get the job done.

Good luck.
Tvad is correct!
There are a couple of Klipsch listed in the last few days, Quartet & RF-62 and even Heresey's. There is also a pair of ADS listed at 94db.
Your room is simply too small to be filled by something like coincident triumphs or other monitors.
You are really stretching the budget limits for something that will work.
I can't think of a better solution than the Silverline Audio Minuet. They list at $600/pr, but are frequently sold here on the 'gon for less. Pretty efficient, and they can fill a decent-size room. I was very impressed when I heard them with a much lower quality amp than your Jolida.
How about a different amp purchase ?

That small 10 watt amp is really limiting your choices and resulting listening pleasure .

Good luck .
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jbl 4425/4430/4435 studio monitor.but not at $500.00
Get a pair of Klipsch Quartets. Don't put them in the corners, put them on a dresser so the tweeters are about at ear level. I keep a pair on my dresser and they sounded great with tube equipment. I no longer use them, but maybe I'll get a receiver for when I just want to listen for a couple of hours or so. They are 97.5 so you should have plenty of power to drive them. Good luck.
The reason I am looking into this little amp the FX10 is due to the fact I could play my ipod, even though the sound will be less than desirable compared to my original system.

I think I may not be able to charge the ipod meanwhile it plays since I have most of my music on the go on the ipod for working out and outside adventure, its not the real sound quality that I would prefer and thats why I have my real audio system at home. I came across Audioengine speakers, M-Audio BX5 studio monitors as well
Klipsch Cornwalls or Pi kit speakers