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Jolida DAC or HRT Streamer?
I made a purchase for the new Jolida DAC :)~ We shall see how this little baby performs :) 
Most helpful audio companies
Anything in the Chicago land area? 
Speaker advise for a new Tube Amp.
The reason I am looking into this little amp the FX10 is due to the fact I could play my ipod, even though the sound will be less than desirable compared to my original system. I think I may not be able to charge the ipod meanwhile it plays since ... 
True, but at this moment my budget is somewhat limited and since I am new to the vinyl world and just recently got me a TT, Phono, Vinyl cleaner, IC's etc I figure why not do a lil tweaking to what I already have... 
Turntable selection advise
Thanks to all ~! Technics from KAB USA sounds like an excellent choice 
Turntable selection advise
Thanks to all for all the help, my budget currently is not the best so I will keep my options open until I can hit the road running again. 
Turntable selection advise
Stanwal, thanks for the advise but let me explain myself. As you may know our current market is down, economy wise, gas is up, salaries are down etc. You know the endless stories out there, anyway, I got hurt at my job. Got struck by an SUV on a f... 
House speaker wires advise?
Computer speakers?
Not looking to spend 2k on computer audio I rather take that money and spend it on my 2 channel setup and some lp's :) 
What's better than the Jolida JD100
I have the JD100 and I am very impressed with it, actually my unit is not stock but it has a level 2 mod which makes the player compete with much more higher price cdp. Since I've had my unit for a year I am selling it to get into a solid state cd... 
Computer speakers?
Sorry let me clarify, I am looking for a 2.1 system setup. So far the Altec Lansing FX6021 sounds like a winner but I am open for options. been busy on other projects so I havent had the time to review, study and research.Thanks 
Jolida 1000RC Tube ???
Thanks for the advise! 
Audio rack
Where can i locate a Target rack? 
Is vinyl still a "perfect" source?
Even though we have digital source, remastered recording, Lps, cd's tubes etc. Our ears listen to analog sound, just my 2cts. I recently did the switch to vinyl hopefully the journey will be fun but I have alot to learn and hopefully I will have t... 
Mini Strata???
Wow no owners??? :(