Speaker advice?

I'm beginning to look into options for a new set of speakers. For the last 4 years or so I've been running a pair of Infinity 3500 speakers that I picked up at an estate sale for $50. They sound quite good, but I think I could do much better. Bass reproduction is good, but I think I'm looking for a bit more resolution.

My associated equipment: VPI Scout, Ear 834P Phono, Rotel 1062 Integrated Amp, Rotel 991 CD player.

I'm looking for a pair of floorstanding/full rangevspeakers (used is ok, even preferable) in the ballpark of $1500 with posts for bi-wiring. I would be using the Rotel Integrated for now, but in the future I intend to go with Blue Circle seperates (I'm looking at BC22, BC24, or BC26 amps with BC3 preamp) so I'd like something that would work well with them.

I listen to mostly rock music. I'm no bass freak, but I think speakers should deliver bass that's proper to the music (and I really have no complaints in that dept. with the Infinity's, which have two 8" woofers). Don't want a subwoofer either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking in the direction of the Spendor S8e or S5e's.

Please tell a bit about your room,how loud you listen,and a little more info about what you are looking for soundwise from your speakers.
I have heard a few floorstanding models from Monitor Audio that sounded very good for the money you are looking to spend.Personally I would search the classifeds here at Audiogon,
My room is about 15' x 25', but the system is along an open wall that leads on one side to the kitchen and on the other to the hallway to the bedrooms. Directly behind the listening position is an exposed brick wall. I'm a renter in the boroughs of NYC, which means I won't be in my apartment forever and my next apartment may be completely different (whenever I get up the energy to move), so I probably need a versatile speaker that'll work well in different rooms, most of them probably fairly small.

I don't listen at very loud volumes. The dial on the Rotel rarely goes past 9 o'clock.

What I'm looking for out of my system is musicality. It doesn't need to be the most transparent, detailed, or neutral system, but it should play music that gets my toes tapping.

While the Infinity's are musical, I feel like I'm missing a lot of detail. They were made in 1981 and I can't help but think there's been advances in speaker design in the last 27 years...

I'll take a look at Monitor Audio.
A couple of companies come to my mind. B&W and Paradigm. Both companies offer several lines aand both have developed
sound research into their designs. Also for the most part they have offerings that are affordable. Good Luck
spendor 8's
Totem Sttaf or Arro
Thanks for all the suggestions. Now my list includes Spendor, Monitor Audio, Paradigm, and Totem. This is really helpful.

I bought my father a set of Paradigm monitors a few years ago and they're very good, though they're the bottom of the line. I heard B&W somewhere downtown, Stereo Exchange maybe, and they weren't to my taste.
I am sure the Spendors are good as well as JM Reynaud which have a Spendor type of musical quality and are very detailed
I hate to derail the Spendor love, but I own and have lived with them for 2+ years...they are not the best Rock speakers...rather laid back and all about tone. I will second B&W...but also look at Revel and Usher which can really ROCK!
Vandersteen 2CE or 3A would make sense. Another thought is PSB Stratus Gold or Silver. All of these will fit your budget (used) and give you adequate bass good performance with rock music and, I believe, good performance and lower volume levels as well.
Vandersteens are great (especially for the price), but I think that Rotel may be underpowered for them.
Any opinions on Mission?

I took a look at the Revel and Usher. Those look like a lot of speaker for my room.

I'm going to start looking up some places to audition these.

thanks everyone for your help.
While I love Vandersteen and hope you look into them take a look at the new DCM speakers, for around a grand they really left me and others smiling at the NYC audio show last spring.
I would consider the Nautilius line from B&W or the Harbeth line - different presentation but both quite competitive and universal regarding type of music to reproduce and easy of placement.
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