Spdif cable construction.

Hi I recently had a convo for audio advisor and they said the length no longer matters for digital coaxial cables for any DAC built in recent times re-clocks the signal to begin with.

Is this correct I cant fine a new thread confirming this...

Any thoughts?

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The last people I would take advice from is Audio Advisor. I can't believe those guys are still in business.
I cannot talk to all cables, but with the cables I use length makes no difference whatsoever.

I use KLE Innovations cables - which utilize a completely different cable architecture to the more conventional offerings out there and as a consequence do not suffer the same issues.

HI Kev - I am at a loss to try and understand how re-clocking data in any way offsets the digital reflections that occur when the SPDIF cable is too short. It might be "Advisable" to talk audio with people that actually know audio.
I've compared longer to shorter and at least 3 various designs and it's very hard to tell the difference, cable theory notwithstanding...I use a .5 meter silver solid core AQ (VDM5) from the streamer and an almost silver one meter (VDM3) from the CD spinner...swapped 'em, compared 'em, and the result was they both work very well to get them little digits to the DAC...the DAC washes the digits, dries them, irons their tiny shirts, organizes them into properly disciplined little lines headed for the exit, and off they go.
The only reason I asked was I read multiple places about having 1.5 meters is ideal? Is this true?
Yes it's true...or maybe not...
Depends on the input receiver of the DAC. I have had coax runs of 30 ft and heard no diff.