Source for spikes?

Anyone have a source for spikes for DIY speaker stands? Yes, I'm aware of the pricey stuff, but I'm looking for something that's attractive but affordable (where I come from, that's pronounced "cheap"). Any suggestions?
3/8 x 16 Threaded studs

Available in 1/4 x 20 thread also, by far the most economical solution and they will never dull at the point. You'd of course need to use these with a nut and a washer.

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I have the Adona Signature rack 4 level which I like a lot. I will need to get another. They are about $1500.

:-) Lol

You have to think out of the box, the pointy end goes in the opposite direction you'd otherwise use these :-)

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If we stick with using them the normal way, we could call it the Hilti mod, and charge a LOT of money.
Acman3, you'r on to something here :-)

On the other hand, the studs are very inexpensive and works incredibly well, they never dull or bend at the point. When using 4 or more spikes they are infinitely adjustable so that you can get a solid foundation and you'd of course use these with a jam nut so that they lock in place once adjusted.

All this for less than $1each, including the Insert, washer and jam nut.

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