Source for Nice quality Knobs

I am looking to update some knobs on my Preamp and DAC.

Would prefer some nice machined silver aluminum ones...

looked at Michael Percy, Angela Instruments, and a few other places and they only carry the generic plastic ones..

any ideas?
One possibility is surfing the GoodWill shops, garge sales, etc. for old stereo equipment. Pull the knobs and trash the rest of the equipment.

Audio Note makes some fine stuff. (antique electronic supply)

thanks for the info, found exactly what I was looking for!
Pam Anderson, Jessica Simpson and Dolly Parton for vintage gear.
I ordered a "Pignose" knob for my (incoming) Onix P3 (Integrated tube amp) from "Pignose Amps" in LV Nev. It is a high quality nose and should last the amp a lifetime.