How to transfer analog sources to iPod

How can I copy LPs, analog tapes, DAT tapes (recorded at 32, 44 and 48 sampling rates) to my iPod?
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Buy an iMic and plug one end into your Mac and the other
to the line out of your amp/pre-amp. Comes with Final Vinyl
software to save as .aiff. Import the .aiff file into
iTunes, and then transfer to iPod.
Except don't buy an iMic. It's too noisy. Buy ADS Tech's Instant Music:

This assumes you don't already have an audio input on your computer.

The ADS, like the iMic, comes with software--Nero for Windows or Spin Doctor for Mac. I can't comment on the Windows side, but Spin Doctor is no great shakes. Better would be Amadeus II:
Is there any way to transfer digital directly without first converting to analog?

Also, do the ADS and Amadeus II work on PCs (not Macs)?
I assume you have a Mac? (If not get one asap! :-) ).
Try "Audacity" - a nice little freeware proggy which will fit your needs.
Good luck!
The ADS does work with PCs, but Amadeus doesn't.