Sound via laptop vs phone vs tablet

Using Spotify premium, with the same day/amp and headphones, the sound I get is better when using the laptop than phone or tablet.
Is there a way to rectify the situation?
Its all MP3 sound , dosen't matter....If you really want to hear a difference, Get a Audio Quest Dragonfly (red) DAC and plug it in USB and now you will have great sound!

Matt M
Agree with the AQ. But remember, Spotify Premium is a poor quality source 
I must have not been clear.
Same music (from Spotify).
Same headphones (Sennheiser 700 and Shure 1540)
Same DAC/headphone amplifier (ifi micro and Centrance HiFi MB).
The only difference is when I use those things via my laptop vs. using my phone (android) or tablet.
Still using the dac/amplifier with the portable devices. Is there a better app to use for my USB to go?
The server quality matters just like the transport   The phone and tablet are poor quality servers 
 So just to be clear...If your using a laptop or smartphone/tablet you cant really take advantage of a high end service like Tidal for streaming? Because those devices are chopping up the data stream or unable to handle anything beyond MP3 quality?? So is that why companys like Aurender sell music servers (less expensive) and full function server/players with internal DAC's (more expensive).  Also, in order to listen to the new MQA format ill bet these lesser devices dont work at all right? Just trying to get this straight. Digital is so fun :-)

Matt M
Would a better app such as "USB Audio Player Pro" help?
Sound still has to go through the poor quality electronics in phone or tablet    Only so much you can do.  Might help some. 
Thanks. I will give it a try.