Sony SCD-777ES Power Cables

Looking to hear from Sony SCD-777 or SCD-1 owners on which power AC cable you are using and if you have done any comparisions. I have installed dedicated AC lines so I am looking for the next level of improvement. I currently own the JPS Labs digital power AC.


Have you considered the Elrod? It's a fatty.
I bought an absolute power cord for my SCD-1; figured it was better than the stock cord. I have considered trying an Elco Audio or PS Audio Lab II; but have not as of yet. I would be interested in any feedback that you have on these power cords.

big bang for the buck w/ TG cords.
Organic Cable HirRes works pretty good for me. It's a heavily shielded cord with Hubbell 8215 hospital grade AC plug and Wattgate 320 IEC connector. A bit stiff, but sounds great.
I've tried many powercords on my 777 (Synergistic Research, Harmonic Technology, Transparent Audio, Kimber Palladian) and found that the Shunyata cords (Python and King Cobra v2) make the most significant difference to my ears, although suprisingly less difference than on some other CD players like the Cary 306/200.
I agree with Bob52R, for the money (and for all else !), TG Audio makes some of the best. Short of megabucks being spent on Shunyata or the like, the TG Audio SLVR (~$500) may be a steal ! I got a very rare one used, and one went for $410+ here on Audiogon a week or so ago.

But they have been getting rave reviews. As someone on Audio Asylum put it, they just make more of the best of the componenet come through. I have tried it on my Sony CD (mod'd NS500V from Ric at EVS), and also on my amp; in all spots it's fantastic.

The HSRi and HSRA Gen 2 could also be awesome deals at even less money.

Good luck !
OK, here's a new recommendation at less expensive $: Eichmann Power Express. Just threw this in to my system a few days ago, after "burning" it in using the Eichman power strip and a 150watt light.

Tried it first with my Pathos Twin Towers integrated; result: similar to the TG Audio SLVR, lots of great focus, strong bass (though TG edged it out here), VERY quiet. Put the TG back in, put the Eichmann on my mod'd Sony NS500V, and BAM! Superb improvement, over 3 lesser-known but pretty good quality cords ($50-$160 range). The Eichmann SMOKED them all, with bass, soundstage width and focus, and midrange clarity all seeming to improve, and not in a subtle way !

This cord seems to do extremely well on digital sources. I took it to play with and borrow, it's not going back :-) The price of this cord floats around $250 +/-. The TG Audio is at $500 list....and it's better, but not by a lot IMO/IMSystem.


Todd (chams_uk)