Sony SCD-777ES failing to read SACD layer

I've had one of these players for several years. Wonderful machine, but it's developed a problem: more often than not, when I attempt to play a hybrid SACD it defaults to the CD layer. In the case of an SACD-only disc, it reads it just fine. I also have a DVP-9000ES, and was able to do the on-screen calibration mentioned in another thread, but I don't imagine that's possible with this player. Any suggestions?
very likely the laser assembly is bad-

had mine go out last year-
I would contact Sony service center, but use the computer booking for an RA-NOT the live person. Reason being, via web, you can choose flat rate labor charge.($99, IIRC) it ended up costing me around $250, and using Web, if you use credit card in advance, they cover return shipping! (approx $60 for me from CAL to Laredo TX). --I began with a live customer service person who had no ability to offer above choices---go figure.

last thing, if you have the OEM box, tell them to return the unit in that box, as they tend to throw away your packaging and send it back in inferior replacements. ---Yes, that sounds crazy, but as large as the operation must be there, things just happen as they do there.

it is the Laser assembly.
this is not unusual for Sony..most after a while will stop reading SACD and read CD only. This happened to a 333 I was using and now it's collecting dust.