HT Processor Failing, any ideas on Multi Channel P


I am currently running a Myryad HT processor. Thing is I am not using it for hardly any processing! I want a multi channel preamp to pass through a 5.1 signal from a Blu Ray and I will have a computer/dac setup for music.

My thought was to get a multi channel preamp without any processing for this purpose. Any suggestions?

Should I get something like the McCormack MAP-1

Or perhaps by a used high quality processor and use a analog bypass for HT and the Dac section for the computer? I have noticed some great processors (such as the Sim-audio attraction) for sale cheap!

It all depends on what caliber DAC your universal player has. You are essentially listening to the DACs and the analog output stage. If you already own a universal player with high grade analog outs, get an analog MCH preamp. I used a McCormack MAP1 in my secondary system and it is a pretty nice amp. If you don't have a good analog MCH player yet, getting a good SSP and using your player as an HDMI transports is more flexible and cost effective.
I am not clear from your post. Are you listening in a multichannel setup, or two channel only?
The McCormack is ideal for that as is the Sony TA-P9000ES. I'd rather use HDMI anyway.

Multi channel and two channel - a mixed system-

Right now I am using a Pioneer elite Blu ray for HT and running a mac mini with optical out into the SSP. I am using the SSP in analog pass thru mode for the Blu Ray... I think I could improve things if I went with an external Dac for the mini


My system is

Myryad MDP 500 SSP
Pioneer Elite Blu ray
Myryad 3 channel amp for Center and Rear Surrounds
Mac Mini for Music ( all Digital)
Mesa Boogie Baron for Two Channel and Front Speakers
Von Schweikert VR4 jrs...
Vongwinner, if you Pioneer Elite is the BDP-09 this is a no brainer - go the analog MCH preamp route. I had one of those myself, and it is a very good analog player. In my estimation to get the same SQ from a SSP over HDMI, you have to spend a few grand.

You can also make huge improvements on your 2 channel path. There are two ways to do this. You could get a good USB dac (like Ayre) and run it two channel into the MCH analog preamp (McCormack or equivalent).

An even more promissing route is to get a USB DAC with volume control and HT bypass. You would run MCH mains through the bypass and control 2 channel volume with the DAC. If the DAC has no bypass but an analog input, just find unity gain level and use it in bypass mode. I believe the wyred4sound and Bel Canto foots the bill.

If you indicate you are interested I may list my McCormack for sale. It is currently doing Barbie Movies in the upstrairs system and I can easily do the same with a cheaper alternative. Not sure yet if I want to sell it, because I like to keep a backup if my listening room MCH premap fails, but let me know - I would consider it.
Hello and thanks,

Just as I thought. Yes I have the BDP-09 and the analog is great. I am thinking that if I go the MCH preamp route I will be safe from future upgrades-something I got tired of with all the possessors I have bought.

I agree and am headed in the route you suggest with the usb Dac. I was really impressed with the wyred4sound dac!

I am interested in your McCormack if you let me know what you want and could send some pictures that would be great!

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