paradigm + sony da777es

I have a Sony da777es receiver and a set of cambridge soundworks ensemble speakers. Looking to move up and am leaning towards paradigm. Would like to use for music and movies so bass is a consideration. I am concerned that I may not have the power to drive some of the larger speakers, but my room is 15x25 so I need a bit of muscle to fill it. Looks like my budget limits me to monitor 11 or studio 60 - any thoughts?
Go for Paradigm but go for Studio should look for a used one..they sell for 1500...
Studio 60 or maybe 20 and active subwoofer. Studio 100 need a lot of amplifier don't think you would be happy driving them with a receiver.
Size means nothing with power! Look at efficiency. An 89db speaker will require double the wattage of a 92db speaker or 4 times the wattage of a 95db speaker. Some of the little guys waste so much power trying to get good bass out of a 3,4 or 5 inch woofer.
An increase of 10db will double the listening volume: ie a 95db speaker will be twice as loud as an 85db speaker at the same wattage.
By the way, my mini-monitors fill my 15 x 25 living room just fine. I have them crossed over at 120 hz and have 2 substantial subs.
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