Sony 9000ES DVD owners, Help me Please

I heard that the sony 9000ES DVD wil play SOME cd r's. If anyone has experience with this. Wich brand will it play, how do you record them?. Many thanks. By the way, how would you compare the sound of the 9000's regular cd playing performance with cd-only players?

Page 7 on my 9000ES owner's manual indicates that the player will NOT play CD-R's although I have not tried any.

The player allows you to turn OFF the following items:
20k filter
digital out
video circuitry
front panel lights

In this configuration, with the unit on Walker Valid Points, I find the sound acceptable as a stand alone player and quite good with audiophile quality CDs and SACDs. I have not tried an outbard DAC with this unit. The 9000ES has a sold copper chassis and back panel. It also has dual clocks. In my opinion, it compares well with other stand alone players in its price range. The Accuphase DP75V is the only stand alone player I have auditioned which is clearly superior on CD playback but I'm certain, judging from the Forum, that there are others as well.
I have similiar experience with my player NOT playing cd-r's oh well it does everything else sooooo good for the $$$ can't nit-pick about little details.
It's not suppose to play cd'rs but as tim says, it does eveything else so good. You have just got to buy this player, it's got to be the best bang for the buck out there. And of course it looks so cooooool and you would also have the best looking one out there. Knowing sony they might have some upgrade in the future or something. You can't go wrong with this unit, look at the reviews in the march/april issue of the Perfect Vision . The marks on the comparison chart were the best...
The only brand of cdr's i've tried on my 9000ES are Sony cdr's, and for me, they work PERFECTLY. :) I love this unit, was using an MSB Link 3 w/upsampling but now I feel as if I don't even need it anymore because the redbook playback is pretty darn good after a couple hundred hours break-in.

I just tried a Fujifilm CD-R in mine. Works fine.
The 9000es will not play CD-Rs according to the manual,but it will play CD-RWs.
Even the chepest CD-RWs play on it.I never really tried the more expensive CD-Rs though.
I have only tried one CD-R on my Sony which didn't work, so...I posted this a few days ago in another thread. "I bought a $25 Sony portable CD player at their outlet, stuck it on top of three Vibrapods, got Radio Shacks' 1/8 to rca adapter,added some decent interconnects that were laying around, and wham!, CD-R for under $50. Now I can keep my Sony DVP-9000ES for a while. Try it, you might just like it. If not, you can always find some use for the portable". Now you guys have inspired me to try a few different brands, hope I get lucky as some of you did. Thanks for for the helpful info.
I've tried 3 different brands (Best buy Cheapies) of CDRW and ALL worked fine!!! Instead of buying expensive name brand CDR's try the no name generic CDRW's. The difference in price is very little and the CDRW work just fine. I use an HP 9300 CD writer plus.