Sonus Faber Grand Piano or Totem Forrest?

What are your thoughts on the Sonus and the Forrest?
Will one brand work better with Rotel 1080 amp and 1070 preamp?
What are advantages and disadvantages of each?
I mostly listen to classical but want the freedom to play rock, rap and anything else without sacrificing too much.
Thanks ahead for any helpful tips.
Forrest has fuller range, deeper bass and harder slam. I'm not sure of pricing but probably Forrest is less expencive than Grand Piano.
The Forrest would be my recommendation as they are more versatile considering your repertoire. I generally like SF products but think that their Homage series far exceeds their other series. I heard the Grand Piano and was not that smitten. On the other hand, I heard the Forrest several times and each time was quite impressed by their enveloping sound.