Soliloquy SAT5

How are they? What electronics you heard teamed with SAT5? What do they stand compared to Soliloquy5.0 and 2A3?
I use for surround speakers in a all soliloquy system. B&K reference pre and pro. I love them for money. The 5.0s is a bit larger and has a rear port (sat is unported). 5.0 has better bass range. I think the 2A3 may be designed for tubes, but all solo do well with tubes (reportedly). I would be a little reluctant to use Sat5 for music or 2 channel without sub - they make great musical sub. The 5.3 are good for full range. 5.0s probably OK without a sub. Overall, I like the line (I have 7 of their speakers)
The fine folks at Soliloquy were very high on the sound of the SAT5 when combined with their sub(go for the 5.0 if no sub). Placement options are much better with the SAT5 since they don't have that large rear port as in the 5.0 and 5.3(in my experience Soliloquy speakers image and soundstage best with a lot of breathing room). I use a McCormack DNA-0.5 Rev. A that works well with my 5.3s, and Soliloquy frequently uses Art Audio and Sim Audio electronics for shows and for voicing their speakers. They've also just teamed up with an electonics manufacturer(can't remember the name), so they'd be an obvious choice too. All in all these are excellent speakers that compete with models twice their price. Haven't heard the 2A3. Best of luck.

I have sat-5's in my office driven by the 20 wpc NAD L-40. They sound terrific. I also have 5.0's at home driven by 60 watt integrated. All things considered, the sat-5's are an even bigger bang for the buck than the 5.0's.
The SAT5s are very nice speakers for what they are designed to do. They will work well for casual listening, surround speakers, or serious listening with a sub. The 5.0 is a significant step up in capability (and cost, especially if you include stands). I am a big Soliloquy fan. I own a pair of 6.3s, a pair of 5.0s, a pair of SAT5s, and a C6 center channel. Tell us a little bit more about what you are trying to accomplish and we might be able to be more specific. Regardless of which model you end up with, I think you would be very happy with a pair of Soliloquys.

Good luck.

Thanks Brady and all!!! I am in the process of upgrading my speakers/system. My current system is a modest Marantz67se, AMC SS amp(36watts), and Paradigm system. I want to start from speaker first. SAT 5 is my favourate pick amid of other candidates Coincident, Linn Katan, and low end totem. I want the speakers good at vocals and string, all small scale musics.

just a quick addition. I replaced parradigm with soliloquy. Soliloquy much more musical (I went from ref100 to 5.3) I agree that ported versions need room behind the SAT5 doesn't, which is big plus for sat5
The Sat5 and 5.0 use the same drivers. The 5.0s use a larger ported cabinet. The x-over on the Sat5s also cuts off the lowest frequencies instead of letting the mid/bass driver roll off so bass cuts off below 60hz. With this and the use of a sealed cabinet, the bass is cleaner and tighter but not as deep or full. The Sat5 is great for office computer system, small room, tube system or for use with a sub.
The Soliloquy SAT5 was one of the best designed and beautiful sounding mini monitors ever made. I regret selling my pair about 5 years ago in curly maple. These speaker's musicality soundstage and tone were incredibly astonishing at very high listening levels. That capped 60hz cutoff made all the difference to control this speaker and allow it to become magical. The articulation of these gems never failed an audition from both young and elderly listeners. Rock solid construction, and genius engineering from British iconic designer Phil Jones. In the last 14 years (since 2000), I have only seen a single 4 pair set available for sale. I regret AGAIN for having bought them as well! LONG LIVE the Soliloquy magic. The ones I owned were made in 1997. Anyone know about their later models? Anniversary additions with upgraded drivers (white in color) I wonder if they were improved?
I am going to provide a different perspective. I have owned 6.2 and 5.0. There is no doubt that these are great speakers and I have fond memories but they utilize proprietary drivers and the fact that solioquy are no longer in business would concern me if I were thinking about buying them today. If something goes wrong with a driver you are unlikely to find an original replacement. If you can steal a pair or they are local than that might be different, but I would be reluctant to shell out 300-400 for these given the other options in this price range available today.