Soliloquy 5.3's vs. VSA VR-1's which is warmer?

I currently have the VSA VR-1's and am looking for something a bit warmer and fuller sounding on male vocals and in the mid to mid-bass regions. I have heard a lot of good but contradictory things about the Soliloquy 5.3 and am wondering what you all think will it fit the bill for me. Also there are a lot of posts which suggest you need 36" from back wall and I probably will only be able to meet about 24-26" of that, will that be too much of a problem? Also if you have suggestions in or around the 1K price point (new or used 9/10) please let me know! Thanks!
Because it might effect responses I wanted to add that my set is Solid State and tends to be fairly neutral and uncolored. If anything I might describe it as a every so slightly rolled on the bottom or slightly accentuated in the middle if you prefer. High frequencies are not overly pronounced but they can have a small bit of simbilance on certain recordings. My room size is approximately 15' x 16' with a vaulted ceiling that reaches from 8' at the sidewalls to 12' at the center. Thanks and I look forward to your responses
I think, depending on the room, your bass performance will be lessened by not getting that full 36 from the center of the drivers to the wall. I own the 5.3i with 2003 Cabinets.