Snap Crackle shuts down my power amp

I know somebody out there has a solution to this and I have no clue. Here is my issue. I can be listening to music through my 25k music system and all of a sudden an electrical crackle sound. Just a split second, very audible and its enough to trip the protection circuitry in my power amp. Shuts it down then turns back on in about 15 seconds.

Sometimes I go for weeks without this happening and sometimes like today, it happens twice in one song. It is very random. If I had to guess myself, I would say that I do not have clean power coming into my system or that there is some interference coming from somewhere outside of my home?

Do I need some sort of power conditioner between the wall outlet and my system; do I need to address an outside interference issue in some manner. It’s almost like something that would happen during a lightning storm but it happens on nice sunny days so that’s not it. It also does noe effect anything else in the home.... lights don’t flicker or any of that. And yes, I am streaming Deezer through a node 2i  HEEEEEELP!


I suspect an amplifier issue but before throwing money at this, I'd test using another source to rule out an issue with your Node or network.

Did your system previously work without problem?

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I think eric means the amp.  I agree.  

Do not call an electrician to work on your amp.  


Thanks all...... Sounds like the consensus is the amplifier itself. Had not considered that. Will call the manufacturer (Emotiva) and will most likely send back to them for repair. I know..... some will probably say to just replace that amp. That is a battle for another day at the moment and a planned course of action for the near future