Krell ksa 100 shuts off

I got willed a KSA 100 amp. It runs for about 5 songs before you hear a click and it shuts down. The green led on the power switch goes dark.

Then about ten minutes later it comes on again by itself.

Is this a thermal protection circuit kicking in or does this amp need service?

FYI I am using a balanced Audio VK3 and a Aria CD player hybrid.

It's probably dc offset from your preamp. I've heard of this happening with bat preamps and solid state amps. I'd contact bat and see what they suggest. Good luck!
Yep, the VK3 is known for this.
BAT preamps have such problem.
If you contact VK he should straghten this problem out at low or no cost to you.
what do you mean by offset ????
hi, i have a bat 3ki and a krell ksa 80. i have had some problems for the last 2 years and have sent back my bat 2 times and i am still getting a problem. it was mostly intermittent noise in my right speaker on humid days in the summer. bat said it was fixed , but there still is a problem. i now have occasional noise in my left speaker and the humidity is very low. right now i do not know if it is the preamp or the amp???? it is driving me crazy!!! can it be dc offset?? excuse me for jumping onto you forum.
Get a voltmeter and check the outputs of the preamp.