Smallest Amp To Use for Laptop System

I am trying to set up a very simple system to hook to my Thinkpad T42.

I have a pair of PSB Alpha mini's and need some type amplification. Any suggestions.

Not sure what the smallest, cheapest way I can go..I only need 2 channel stereo, no cd player or radio...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or input
You might check out the cmoy amps. Chu Moy put his design in the public domain, so several people on ebay, etc. sell them, often in mint tins for around $50. Talk to them about your specific needs.
AFAIK, the cmoy amps are for headphones, and would not be able to drive the Alpha-minis. Headroom has a new class D desktop amp that might be just what the Dr. ordered. Don't know anything about how it sounds, tho.
As for small, check out the Bel Canto 300iu, it even has a USB input for you laptop!