Smallest Processor 7.1 H/T Only

I am looking to go back to 7.1 after buying a Yamaha sound bar …….we learn by our mistakes!
I went that route to try to minimize my equipment which consists of:
A T/T connected to a Esoteric Noise Reducer, connected to a Manley Steelhead. connected to a Merlin Bam, connected to a pair of monoblocks. connected to the speakers an not forgetting the Sub and the Manley power supply and the power center AND THAT’S JUST MY TWO CHANNEL!
I had an Integra DTR 0.1, a modded Denon 3910, a cable box HDMI splitter and a PJ for my H/T all this all sounded great but sooooo much gear sooooo many wires.

I only need a processor/amp to run my HT it seems that all the processors that do not need a separate amps have loads of inputs.
I just need 2 or 3 HDMI in and one HDMI out DTS/THX 7.1 any suggestions around the 2K “new” mark, and it needs to be small, the smaller the better
An Integra DTR 9.1 Not 0.1
Have you looked at the Arcam-its all in one and fairly compact