Small floorstander recommendations

I am looking for suggestions for a small footprint, floorstander for about $1000 new/used. Here is what I have to work with:

Musical preferences: 80% old-school R&B, rock, pop, funk, electronic, and hip hop; 20% classical, blues, jazz, vocals
Room: 15' X 17', hardwood floors, typical living room furniture, area rug
Source: Sony DVD player (next component to upgrade)
Amplification: Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp

I am looking to balance out my musical preference ratios, so the speaker should be a good, all-around performer.

Considering the following:
Totem Acoustics Sttaf
Vienna Acoustics Bach
Meadowlark Swift or Kestrel Hod Rod
Spendor S6
Triange Zerius
ProAc Studio 125
Epos M15

All comments/recommendations welcome.

Best Regards,

If the Spendor sounds anything like its stand-mounted S3/1p Classic Series predecessor then I would think it's GREAT value for $1500 list.
For about $1000, you've lined up some good choices. The rest is up to your ears!

But if you're looking to broaden your list of possibilities, you might add some ATC units (SCM 7 or Passive 10).
It is a sad fact that you cannot find Royd Doublets anymore - they stopped producung them. I have a pair and they are amazing for a small floorstanding speaker. It will give many all you have mentioned a run for their money. I bought a pair for 1300 dollars - worth every penny.

The new Royds - the R1's are small but inefficient (83 db sensitivity) although they do have a very flat response from 30-20K. Take a look at them - if you can find a Royd dealer - there is one in West Virginia.

You really need to hear the Gershmann Cameleons.
i auditioned a pair of the bach's recently, and i was very impressed. nice soundstage and impressive bass for such a small speaker. good looking, too. i don't think you could go wrong for $1500.

i'm now trying to decide between the bach and the audio physic spark (which is more expensive, but absolutely magical). i would suggest you take a look at audio physic -i think they have a small floorstander called the "yara" that goes for about $1500.
Ok here is my problem with your list, You have speakers on your list with silk/fabric dome tweeters and some with metal tweeters. I think you need to decide which type of tweeter, and that will eliminate some of those speaker choices. Speakers with metal tweeters sound different from speakers with fabric tweeters.
Now for some help:
I have a pair of vienna acoustic bach's. I listened to a few of the speakers on your list before I decided on the BACH. But the problem with testing the Bach, is that you need to make sure the speaker has been filled with sand. if the speaker you are demoing has not been filled with sand, then you truly will not hear the full potential of the speaker. When I filled mine I could not believe the difference it made in the bass. It got tighter and lower.
In the end I chose the Vienna because the cabinet construction is beautiful, the level of parts used in the crossover is second to none (usually not found on speakers of this price) and they were able to play all types of music right.
I have listened to the VA Bachs and found them very thumpy and loose in the bass department - not really what I expected from them.

Another one to listen to is the Linn Ninka's - beautiful speaker cabinets!

That looks like a good list ... I'd go and listen to some and take your amp along. I really doubt that comments from other people using other amps with other tastes will really help you narrow it down. You've got a great list of speakers and now you need to listen to decide which one suits you the best. I'm just being honest, I'm not trying to be clever.
FWIW I've been very impressed with Epos that I've heard, but I've not heard the M15.
2nd the ATC even though they are standmount.
I saw an ad at Toys in the Attic Epos M15 for $799 or so. Epos or Spendors are best on your list IMHO for accurate but musical sound. Bachs are pretty good after that.
I think I would recommend some of the smaller Linn floor standers, I know the older Keilidhs sound very nice. Rega surprisingly makes some very nice sounding speakers as well, I have heard their Juras, and they are a very nicely priced seaker also.

I think in order to get really good sound out of ATC, you need to buy at least 20s to get your money's worth. It seems to me that the speakers smaller than the 20s arent that much better, if any better than their competitors in their price range.
My vote is for the original Kestral for around $700 used...still a great value...and a full range, phase correct speaker at that....I also like Dynaudio Audience floorstanders...especially the 62...transparent,nice out of box imaging, excellent bass...good luck...
ALso..for the type of music you are going to need deep bass...Epos,Triangles,SPendors,etc. are very lean in the bass you plan on adding a sub? Another choice worth looking into: Vandersteen 1c or 2ce...about $500-800 used...and very good bass performance for the price...
Try Monitor Audio's various sloorstanders. I love my Silver 5i's. I was also very impressed with a pair of Martin Logan Aerius, which can be had new for about $2100/pair. The Silver 5i's can be had for under 600/pair new or used.

Would highly recommend you check audition the JM Labs with the Audio Refinement (Cobalts or Chorus). IMHO, they are really deserve the 'magical' description that gets thrown about so much. Similar sound to Triangles, but a little more refined to my ears. JMLabs and YBA are close design collaborators.

Also, the one minor shortcoming on the Complete is the 50 watts with no pre outs for future power upgrade, but the JMLabs are so sensitive that it should be plenty of power for them. Good luck
Yeah, that little amp ALMOST carried my Parsifal Encores, but alas, its 80w/4ohms/ch didn't quite get the bottom octaves cooking. GREAT amp, though.
There is a pair of Thiel .5s for $650 on this site...maybe a tad bass shy...but for musical sound..hard to beat at that price....
OK, heres one you have not heard yet..

The Energy Veritas 2.2 w/stands. you can find them used on this site now and then for perhaps a little over 1K. They are incredibly good for music and theater, and they are built incredibly well. With the right amp and perhaps a sub for the electronic and hip-hop stuff you listen to, you will be set. The Veritas series should not be confused with their other speaker lines! I also agree with the last poster who said you should look at the used pair of Thiels on this site... sweet speaker from a great company.
Johnny...what did u go with?

My quest for a small footprint speakers has temporarily been put on hold. I will be in the market again later this year. However, to hold me over, I purchased the Parts Express BR-1 kit (not a floorstander, but I had a limited budget to work with). Have not completely broken in, but initial impressions are very good.

I will definitely keep everyone's suggestions in mind when I begin looking again.

Best Regards,

I have some others to add to the list - if you can find them. They are: Rega Alya and Neat Loudspeaker's Elite. They are around the same price point as the others (maybe a little more - in line with the Linn Ninka's) and are really nice sounding also.

I would mention Royd Loudspeakers (NO JOKES - OK!!) but since they are hard to find - it would not be worth your time looking.


In your case, I recommend the Jura loudspeaker from Rega. They are a good all rounder. The treble is soft, this is a good thing with digital sources. The medium is warm. The bass is deep and round. I tried it with a CD player and the result was nice. If you have a turntable like a REGA Planar 25, you should choose another one. For example, Alya loudspeaker from Rega. This one is very good with digital and analog sources but the basse is not as deep as the Jura. Last advice, try these ones with your amplifier. I have the Alyas and they work well with a warm and dynamic amp like the Mira from Rega. I don't know your amp but I know that a amp which doesn't have enough dynamic and power is not a good match for the Alyas. I tried them with a NAD 3020i amplifier and the result was boring but with the Rega Mira WOWWWW! You can listen KEF Cresta 3 or Dynaudio Audience 52, they are good also.
The Quad 21L is an excellent small floorstander, excellent WAF - I listen to a very similar music mix as you have indicated and have found enjoyment with these wonderful speakers.
Spendor has just replaced the S6 with the smaller S5, at $1400. You can probably steal a vestigial pair of S6s for under $1k....
Go with the hot rod Kestrals. They can configure for bi-wire which my tubes appreciate. They can rock and roll but really deliver on voice too. Their smal footprint is no diminishment of sound.