Rega RS5/small room

A couple of quick questions, about the Rega RS5s:

1) Are these suitable for a small room (13 by 9, with a 7-foot ceiling), or will they just overwhelm it?2) How is their off-axis dispersion?
I'm looking to upgrade from NHT Classic 2s, which I think suffer when placed in an equilateral triangle (the manufacturer recommends a listening position 1.5 times the width of the speaker placement, which doesn't work well in this room as they sound best against the long wall, not the short, with more space to the sides). NHT advised toeing the speakers directly at my listening chair, but that affects the imaging and seems to make them harsher in the small confines.

I'm also considering Totem Arros because of their favorable small-room reviews, but I'd also like to punch up just a bit bass-wise from the Classic 2's if possible. I'm running a very modest system with an NAD integrated amp. Thanks ...
I have the RS3 in a similar sized room and I think they sound very good. I believe the RS5 has a slightly larger woofer, but I don't think it would overpower the room. They are also easy to place and don't seem sensitive to room placement.