Slim on the wall speakers

How about some suggestions for some SLIM on the wall speakers for my 55" LCD TV. I would like to get a center, L&R, and 2 surrounds. I have been looking at the Definitive Technology Mythos 2's & 3 but would like some feedback on them and other suggestions to consider. I'm using a Bryston SP1.7 along with the Bryston 9B amp. I am curently using Infinity IL 10 Bookshelfs, and the Infinity IL 36C Center. I also have the infinity IL120 sub that I want to keep but I'm looking for a smaller footprint and on the wall for the rest. Any help would be appreciated
I would get a sub from the same line of speakers and not try to integrate the Infinity with another brand.The manufacturers have went to great measures to align surround sound systems.I have heard the Def Techs and they were great for HT.Everything blended in nicely.It really all boils down to what you hear and like.
I'd seek out the Magneplanar wall mounts for a listen.
Magnepan MMG-W's, cheap, and GREAT! Get a halfway decent sub and cross it over at about 110, and you will never be sorry.
Totem Tribe Series, very nice:
I have the Vienna Acoustics in my HT room. They sound very good (good enough for my needs in this application) and look fantastic, especially in gloss black.

Good Luck

Agree with Jaybo. I'm not a fan of the Maggie sound myself, but they make some very cool looking (and sounding) on-wall speakers that can even be angled to adjust the sound.
Sonus Faber Auditor Elipsa - best looking and best sounding :-)
Created specially for HT use.