sleeper budget redbook players....

with all this talk about hi-rez...any overlooked cdps in the under $500 range?
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Philips DV963SA, I bought mine new fro $370 shipped from J&R, tough to beat at that price, and it's a pretty good DVD player as well!
Second the Philips 963SA. Do the $30.00 blackgate mod to it and it gives $2000.00 players a run for the money.

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Buy an inexpensive DVD player with digital out and get an ART DIO dac. A modified one for ~$300 will smoke anything in this price range
give the nod to philips 963sa. wonderful player, it bettered a used dodson 217 mk1 ( original $2700 ) dac in my system and the sony 333,555, and 999

similar sonic signiture to the cal cl-20 ( the cal was shade less transparent but the philips was more involving imo.

hope that helps,

oops typo in the above. the cal was a shade "more" transparent, but the philips more involving.


Cambridge Azur 640C,By far the biggest sleeper under $2500.
The Player is very smooth and Extended.
I might not be reading this right but, I thought the question was a redbook player.
For this i would consider the Cal Cl 15
Darn hard to beat at the price.
Phillips DVD727. Under $100, shockingly good. Seriously.