Slappys Sob Story. So long folks

Welp, this will be my final post on this board for quite some time.

I wanted to take a minuit to thank everybody for all the good info i got, and even to thank jerks like tire-guy for keeping it real. hahahaha

This will be my last post for some time, as i will not be able to enjoy this hobby for at least 6 months, and logging onto this board will do nothing but make me sad and miss my rig. Cause my Rig is about to be scrapped.

The Tale of Slappy's Rig.
Chapter 9. The end of the run.

Slappy made a bad decision that has come back to haunt.

Slappy had a roommate he was living with for 6 months. This guy was surly a few screws loose, and terminally unemployed

Slappys roommate was a dude called Ryan.
Ryan had no job, but earned social security due to a tragic event earlier in his life.
Slappy and Ryan roomed up, and things were great for about 4 months, then Ryan's Social security dried up and he couldn't find employment. It wasn't from a lack of looking around, but a lack of trying to get the job.

Slappy ended up paying this bastards end of the rent 4 times, on the last month of the lease Slappy paid his half and moved out, his roommate never paid his half, and due to Slappy shelling out a massive wad for rent and security deposit on a rental house, he had no money to cover his broke-ass friend.

Eviction came at the latter part of the last month of the lease. Ryan was a total jerk to the apartment management so they hated us. They didn't see any distinction between us because they only cared about the money, however, they sure were liberal when tallying up the total owed. It's a business after all.

Time has past and now payment is due. Slappy is engaged to get married (writes as wife though because he doesent feel like spelling out fiancée, yes, he is that lazy) and is fixing to buy their first house, a nice quaint 250,000 jobber in a rather "Well to do" part of southern Denver, a place truly worthy of his future wife.

Then it happens.
Mr. Bill collector says "total amount due NOW!"
Slappy cries "I don't have that much! I can pay in payments though! 400 a month maybe?"
Mr. Bill Collector says "No! Total due NOW! You pay NOW! Or we go to court and I garnish your paycheck! You get a big black mark on your credit! You wont get that house! Mwhahahahahah!!!!
Slappy pleads "Why don't you go after that Ryan bastard? He is on the lease too!!!?
Mr. Bill Collector coldly states "You have a good paying job, Ryan hasn't had a job in over a year. You are where the money is at, we don't care about who paid what, only that YOU PAY US"

Slappy checks with his legal services through work, sure enough, its right. Mr. Bill collector is in his rights to demand full due to the nature of the debt.

Slappy realizes that he must sacrifice his precious hardware or he wont get the house.

Later that evening, while Slappy is at work, he posts his stereo up for sale. Please forgive me fellow audiogoner's I need the money FAST, posting here wont get it sold in time. Shipping is a problem too.
Slappy posts his modest rig at work for sale for 3,500.00, a cool grand over the needed amount for the bills. But a good 2,200 below what he paid for it.
If nobody buys, he bought a bunch of gear from a major retailer less than a month ago that he bought with money received from selling all his Deftech speakers. He can return the gear and have most of it, but will still need to sell gear piece by piece to get the rest.

And thus, the demise and complete dismantling of Slappys rig is under way..

Slappy knows it the apartment situation was not his fault, but it WAS his responsibility, and is willing to pay the debt.

Its ok though, come january im going to rebuild my system. It will be faster. It will be smarter. It will be cleaner. And it will be good. And there will be Electrostats.

Peace out folks! Thanks for the fun!
See ya in january
Bye, Slappy!
Moral of this story: NEVER EVER move in with a jerk on welfare, SSI, Unemployment comp, Between jobs, waiting for the accident settlement, or who's a musician.
(A musician? yeah, they are some of the worst) :^)
Sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully, the goals that you are working towards achieving in the future will allow you to look back at lessons that you've learned from these hard times and laugh. Best wishes and good luck with both the house and the "wife" : ) Sean
Good luck.
I'm a bit perplexed here.
You say you owe $2500 to the bill collector and dont have the money so you need to sell your rig.
Then you say you are buying a $250,000 house in a 'well to do' part of southern Denver.
The deposit on the house will be well over $2500 alone,plus a down payment,closing fees,taxes,maintenance,etc,etc,etc.
I dont mean to be a jerk but this sounds kind of weird.

Nothing weird here,David. It's probably all bullshit.
Slappy is getting married and Slappy is buying a $250,000 house and Slappy isn't responsible enough to have even $2,500 saved? Sorry, but I don't think it is wise for Slappy to get married at this level of maturity.
having proven having "a few screws loose" ryan could make an effort to continue to keep social security or ssi benefits until one of the following happens: either his scres gettin' tight or he's ending up in nuthouse.

mental illnesses and depressions are serious illnesses that should be covered by social security. that's where we pay our large part of taxes.

therefore i guess judging the man that he's on ssi wellfare or social security benefits as not the one to deal with is partially right but in my situation having being first year in the country on wellfare i was studying and driving taxi to get extra cash for chicks and other needs.

as to 1/4milion house in denver that could be his future wife's money not slappy's i guess. i'm realy happy that after marriage he would be allowed to build the rig. it realy happens very seldom that rich wife would allow to spend her funds for husband's hobby.
Good luck, Slappy. Just think about how much fun it will be to get all new gear later on!
Slappy learned a tough lesson, so lets not Slap him too hard.
Bye for Now Slappy!

(Its ok though, come january im going to rebuild my system. It will be faster. It will be smarter. It will be cleaner. And it will be good. And there will be Electrostats.)

LOL, sounds like your future system will be like the rebuilding of the "Six Million Dollar Man"???

Is Slappy's true identity actor Lee Majors???

Or is it just a Fluke, is Slappy to young to remember that TV series???
Slappy, your contributions will be missed, but there is no reason to leave the forum. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Hang around. Keep us all honest. You'll get new gear soon enough.
Slappy sounds like he's full of #@%& IMHO! I've seen them come and go on this site. Audio, It's full of wackos.BTW, is a $250,000 home make you rich. Gee, then I can retire!Oops that $1500.00 house payment still comes due everymonth Hmmmh!
Slappy should know that one of the first signs of dementia is referring to one's self in the third person. Slappy might want to tighten some of his own screws before condemning the construction of others.

KublaKhan is just throwing this out there and tagging this thread, waiting for chapter 11 and interested in watching the fireworks in the meantime.
Take Care Slappy..... You and I had a lot to talk about. It seemed like you and I had a lot in common when it comes to our tastes in audio equipment.

Hate to see you go.... but you got to do what you got to do.

But Slappy....... my friend..... I am going to give you some tips as to what "NOT" to do the next time around.

DO NOT EVER (!!!!!)......

(01). Move in broke ass m****r f**k*rs into your crib. They will get over on you EACH AND EVERY time. It doesn't matter if the bum is either between jobs, collecting social security, collecting unemployment, or waiting for a settlement (accident, divrorce, or what have you). Bottom line is...... if any one EVER moves into my crib to room with me, then he/she has bring some money with when they move in. No Money????? No Dice...... Period!!!!!!


(02). If you are getting married, make sure your (prospective) spouse is working too. Not only you have to make the bills every month, but your (prospective) spouse has to be able to pull her own weight as well. If she doesn't have anything going for herself, put the marriage on hold for a minute until she gets her stuff together. A girlfriend with no job is probably just as bad (if not worse) than rooming with a friend or relative who is also broke. If she's living with you, she may probably want you to foot all of the bills all of the time, and give her some spending change too. She going to expect you to go out and work all of the time while her ass stays home and eat ding dongs and watch soap operas all day long. If you're ever faced with this situation, I got one thing to say to you as well....... DON'T EVEN ALLOW THAT SHIT HAPPEN (!!!!!!). If you do, believe me, you'll live to regret it later on.

I think that's it for right now.

I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you wish to undertake in the coming months or so.

And hope that you rejoin us very soon.

Good Luck!!!!!

I'll miss the threads. Your threads have been the daytime soap opera of audiogon. Best of luck with the finances, but beware taking on mountains of debt, because I think the chances that the economy is truly recovering right now are very very small.
So so sad, silly Slappys' sob story. So Slap some sense into silly Slappy! Now try THAT three times fast!
Per Slappy's own words :
"i got this stupid psychological disorder, i can say something and have an extremly hard time of putting myself in another persons shoes and seeing how they will understand it. So i basically have my foot in my mouth 9-10 times a day


Needless to say this got me in alot of fights when i was younger and still gets me in trouble today! all my friends and family understand, but people who have not met me dont.
So please take anything i say with a grain of salt!"

I'll reiterate: Take EVERYTHING Slappy says with a grain of salt....
I'm already getting mentally primed for "Slappy's Christmas " coming to an internet site near you. In 6 months there will be some amazing digital front end bargains out there and Slappy will tell us all about it.
Hey Slap, "weak" as usual.
Hey Y'all,

The mention of making his system faster, strong, ET all, is from the intro you get from going on AOL for Broadband. I do it at work all the time and the intro annoys the crappy out of me. I doubt very much that Slappy is old enough for the Lee Majors reference. Hey Charles, what you've described, the wife/girlfriend staying home watching soaps and eating Bon-Bons sounds like any episode of "Married with Children". I do agree with you about having anyone without a job moving in, it's a very bad move. As for the women, it sounds like you've just hooked up with the wrong chicks. If you find the right one, her having to carry her own weight is irrelevant. I can attest to this from personal experience.......John
Seriously Slappy don't abandon hope, stick around like Viridian says.
And I stick to my advice
Slappy don't sound happy. Slappy feels crappy. Slappy should talk to his pappy.

But seriously Slap: I know it looks bleak at the moment, but stick around here anyway. I find myself enjoying your contributions here, your shoot-from-the-hip style may get some folks riled up, but that's OK. Most of us are adults and can take it. Just remember what my pappy always used to tell me: "It's always darkest - just before it gets pitch black" Hang in there.
It's always darkest - just before it gets pitch black-that's just mean...:)
No more 'flashing the cash' at the hi-fi shops, eh Slap? Slappy - aside from being a rather 'dramatic' individual who refers to himself in the third-username - seems to have a slightly suspect affinity for chaos and conflict...I'll miss his posts (though like Viridian I don't really see the reason for his leaving, except for its theatrical value), but I also don't think, if he was selling his system on Audiogon and it contained anything that I wanted, that I would try to do business with such a perpetual victim (albeit an oft-raffishly-charming one). We hardly knew ye, young Slap...[Cue poignant end music, "Don't you know that you are a shooting star?"]
Okay, Slappy, if you are still with us, listen up!

1. Be a jerk to your land
lord, too.

2. Demand a jury trial. this will cost the landlord more than you owe him.

3. At the mediation phase, wait till they offer to let you go at no cost to you...they don't want a jury trial. Just be sure they don't hit your credit report. Speaking as a property manager...I work for the landlords...tenants get away with this all of the time.Oh yeah...I am not an attorney and remember the most important thing....advise is worth what you pay for it.......
"advise is worth what you pay for it..."[not my spelling] i can't help seeing the irony there unclejeff so i figure it was intended. good one.

here's some more advice but mine is worth the paper it's printed on:

uncleJ, i would imagine the amount in question would put slappy in small claims court, not in front of a jury. check for denver slaphappy.

if slappappy wants justice slapdaddy should allow himself to be sued and try to figure out a way to have his roommate listed on the complaint. Slapme can even ask for this during the small claims case and it's likely you'll be granted the request and have to come back at a later date. the judge will almost certainly rule in your favor: Ryan is responsible for his share of the rent. the judge will not (and i believe can't) award judgment for one amount against two people (unless you're married to him, slap.) if ryan is there or on the complaint and not present then the only person to award against will be ryan. make sure you can prove what your share of the rent is and that you paid it with months of backup.

if the landlord 'ruins' you credit after that judgment you can sue the living dung heap out of him. in can probably sue him right now (or very soon) if he threatened to ruin your credit or sue and you can prove he isn't planning on following through within two months (dont know the specific time window but there's a law for this)...or if he doesn't ultimately follow through with the threat. creditors can't make these threats of ruining your credit or threats to file lawsuits if they don't intend (or ultimately don't) follow through. get a good book on the subject of creditors. there's a national law for collections with some very simple to understand rules that are constantly being broken by these guys...i don't know what it's called.

Keep all the letters they send you, smack. they sound like they're full of abuses of the creditor's code. in fact, if there are abuses you can file a counter suit and have your case tried immediately after the judge listens to their case. if nothing else your filing might make them rethink going to court.

the best advice (worth at least five times what you're paying for it) would be to just pay the bill like you're planning on doing, cut off contact with ryan, stick around audiogon reading crap like this because it's amusing not because you have a stereo with pressing questions and consider the whole incident a good lesson. i've paid for my share of those lsesons...we all have.

Kublakhan out yo
Kublakhan how did a Smack get into this whole clan of Slaps?
I told myself i wasnt gonna come back untill i had some gear, but i wanted to just read through... then i couldnt help myself

Thanks for all your support, but yeah im gone. I figured there would be some people calling BS, and saying i dont have enough responsibility, yadda yadda.,...

I am by no means rich, but i make more than any of my buddys do. 250,000 gets you less than 2000sqft house in colorado. And Douglas county is the Richest county (not city, county) in the US. Look it up. A 230,000 house in Corpus Christi Tx, will run you half a million in colorado.

I dont need money for a down payment, because i am prior military and i have a DD 214 that says i am allowed to apply for a VA loan, IE, NO DOWN PAYMENT. NO CLOSING COSTS. Its already as good as done as long as i get this bill paid.

I pay all of my fiancee and my bills. and after all the work ive done to get myself out of debt, this last one is the real punch-in-da-nuts. But after paying 1100 rent, 750 for cars, 550 for insurance (colorado insurance is way expencive), all utilities, cellphones, food, and such, there is no money left to save with. My Fiancee already has a garaunteed job at a new spa opening up for just a hair under what i make(Pending her graduation in december), so even though we cant save now, after she graduates her massage school, we will damn near double our income. that makes a major difference.

for those who say im not mature enough or responsible enough to own a house, well, thats your opinion. I think if im willing to sell my entire stereo which is my favorite toy at less than half cost to overcome a bill so i can get a house for me and my soon-to-be wife, and im willing to pay all of our bills while she goes to school full time, speaks quite enough for its own.
thats just MY opinion though..

later folks, =) its been fun!!!!!. :)

-Due to Financial difficulties, Slappy will be disconnected with an ETTR of January, 2004. Thank you.

"I told myself i wasnt gonna come back untill i had some gear, but i wanted to just read through... then i couldnt help myself"

I've thought that about a dozen times (minus the lack of gear). And I think its crossed Kubla's mind, wink, wink. So I'm sure you'll be back sooner rather than later with some more high-in-sugar posts.
Hey Sappy...I mean Slappy,

All of that may speak volumes in your mind, but true maturity would have kept you from being in this situation in the first place. I am impressed at how long your arms are that you can pat yourself on the back like that. Keep up the good work......John
Wow, hey Kub-lak-han;

Perhaps laws are different in other States.

Lets see:

1. Most Leases have what is called a severability clause, which means that everyone is responsible for everything. This means that if one tenant does not pay, tough shit for all concerned.

2. If you allow yourself to be sued, a judgement will be entered against you for the full amount. Yes, you can take the room mate to small calims, but this will not reflect on your own credit report. This is why I suggested threatening to go for a Jury trial...the landlord can't affort it and this will force him to bargain.

3. Anyone, landlords included, has the right to enter a judgement on your credit report. You can't sue the landlord if the judge ruled in his favor.

4. Your last paragraph..."The best advise is..." is right on. A judgement by a landlord against you is the kiss of death if you want a new apartment or want to buy a new home. I work in this field, so I do have some experience here.

Hey Slappy....your comments hereabouts do matter and you will be missed!
come on unclejeff, i think you better read my post again.

And I've certainly never heard of 'threatening to go for a jury trial.' either the amount of money owed falls within the jurisdiction of his state's small claims court or it doesn't. ...but i haven't heard of everything, that's for sure. although if i found out this were true i think i could start saying that i have.

see what you've started, slap?
Sorry Kub, seems like crazyness follows me no matter what i do! =)

im already back in the game thanks to a very generous fellow Techfile! i put a new thread explaining.

hard to stay away from this place, its like "Learning Crack" i learn something every time i log on here and this place is addictive!