any mono folks out there?

I listen primarily to 50's jazz in mono--getting a raven two and deciding on tonearm and cartridge for mono side. Will be played through an arc ph5 pre into mac mono 501's and sonus faber cremonas. Probably will get the triplaner mk vii tonearm and considering otano edison, lyra titan, dyna xvi mono cartridges---any ideas or experience would be hugely helpful-thanks
I have the Lyra Helikon Mono with A graham B44 Phantum on a Basis TT. IT sounds great.
I've heard the dynavector mono....wonderful...
the lyra less so for us...lots of detail, just boring...
don't know about the other...
Not yet, but leaning that way as I am collecting more Mono albums. I have a question for you though. Many audiophiles purchase Mono cartridges because their preamps do not have a 'Mono' selection to combine the two channels together. My Citation 17 does. So, would I still benefit from purchasing a Mono cartridge? Thanks.
A true mono cartridge does not send any vertical groove modulation information. This where most of the damage you here on stereo records happens. A stereo cartridge will send the vertical groove info to your preamp even it is in mono mode.
Just a warning.
I believe the needles profile for mono records made in the 50's and earlier is differant than the mono's made in the 60's and later.
In addition to Hevac1's point on styli size, here is another worry for '50s jazz (or other types). While the RIAA curve was approved around 1955, it was not implemented by all labels for another ten years or more. Therefore, some means of adjustable EQ will help optimize playback of many of these wonderful recordings.

Suggest a search here and on Vinyl Asylum.
Some time ago I did listen to Mono with a Shelter 501 mono cartridge. Very good performance.
Mono rules when the whole chain is in mono. I recently got a second arm wand and a mono version of the Benz LP S cartridge. I only have 30 hours on it but the improvement already is astonishing. I have a great many mono records which I enjoyed for years on a stereo cartridge, but there is simply no comparison; I'll never listen to a mono record through a stereo cartridge again. The ARC Ref 3 and PH-7 both have mono switches. With a stereo cartridge on mono records, I always preferred the PH-7 in mono, but the Ref 3 sounded better running in stereo. Now it's not even close - it's mono all the way.
Wow... thanks for all the info.. I feel guilty, this isn't even my post. Now I need to get a second arm and a good Mono cartridge. The mono records that I have are all from the mid to late fifties and up to the mid sixties. How does one know if they are using the RIAA curve? I see that it is posted on the back of a couple of my records, so should I assume that if the RIAA label isn't on the record that they didn't use the curve?
Norman, this link should get you started in learning more about EQ. Look for additional links at the bottom for reference by label.

If this is not enough, Google a few search words. The net contains lots of info.
Pryso, thanks. That is what I needed.