Sistrum and Maple

Would there be any advantage to adding a maple shelf between a component and a sistrum rack?
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I think that you'd be negating the intended action of the Sistrum stand.

If you're itching to upgrade something, try this: I just replaced my Power Wing and $2,500.00 Nordost Quantum Qx4 with a $400.00 Topaz Ultra Isolation Transformer.

The transformer drops the AC noise by 136db, and is cleaner in my system. Of course, it doesn't provide surge suppression, but for the upgrade in the reduced noise floor, microdynamics and dynamics, I don't care!

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Long time no talk. Did you sell you wing here on Agon?
I actually tried this, I have a turntable shelf at the top of my Star Sound rack and I tried putting a Scoutmaster on a 3" maple board on Audio Points on top of the shelf but the table sounded better sitting directly on the shelf.
I talked to StarSounds when buying Audiopoints for a maple rack I was building. We chatted a bit about the Sistrum, and my impression was that they did not think wood a good approach to shelving. J
I myself am a Star Sound dealer and should have given a more complete explanation. The Star approach is to have the stand act as a CONDUCTOR for vibrations in order to drain them out of the system as quickly as possible. I find that this works very well. Maple acts as an ISOLATOR to seperate sections of the system from each other and PREVENT vibrations from being transferred. This can also work, I have the aforementioned maple block atop a VPI TNT stand where it works well. What does not work is the mixing of the two approaches as they are using opposing principals in dealing with the same problem.
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That was what my gut told me
I can attest to the fact that that Sistrum stands Have made a vast improvement under my gear (I have their speaker stands and an SP-1 under my table).

Now that being said, I recently got a Halcyonics active anti-vibration platform under my table, and I use the Sistrum in betweeen the table and the platform. I have not tested the table just itself on the platform, but I suspect the Halcyonics is still working it's magic draining vibration from the table into the steel platform. Also I found that removing the floor protection discs under speaker points to provide more focus.