Making a Set of Mapleshade Jumper Cables for a Stacked ESL 57 Set Up

My DIY Frames are nearly ready to allow my ESL 57's to be stacked.
I plan on continuing using my Mapleshade Excalibur Double Helix Speaker Cable, as this has impressed me above all previous speaker cables used.
I need to use Jumper Cables to connect the 57's together on either channel.
Ideally this will be the same spec Mapleshade Cable.
The Cables at present have, what I will refer to as approx 5 feet of excess cable length, when the system is set up as it is, the Monoblocks are flexible in their positioning, to the the point that a 3 feet cable can be used.
Has any body on Audiogon reduced the length of a Mapleshade Speaker Cable Successfully ? 
I am believing the Mapleshades can be reduced in their length, by being Cut at the end that attaches the the Amplifier.
The Original Cable will require a further reduction of about 1.5 - 2 inches of the Green Wire to allow for a Gold Leg to be produced for terminating to a Speaker Binding Post.
The Off Cut Jumper Cable will require a reduction of the Green wire at both ends, to produce Gold legs to connect to two sets of speakers binding posts.
Will the Green wire on the Off Cut Jumper Cable require a termination that attaches to the Original cables Green wire,
Or will the condition created, that the Jumper Cables Gold wire leg, that will be sharing a connection at one speakers binding post with the Original cable and making a continuity be enough to keep the cable functioning as designed. 
A unusual set of questions, hopefully somebody has tried something similar to Bi Wire speakers with their Mapleshades,.
This is a rewrite of a earlier post that I had a Title misspelling I could not correct.