B&W 702S2 jumper cables

I have been using chord shawline X speakercables and they sound great. I wanted to replace the metal jumperplates on the speakers with something better so i went for the Chord Signature Ohmic links. I can clearly hear the difference but the highs are way too much. Too bright and the famous "SSS" is clearly irritating. Am i doing something wrong or do others have similar experience ? 
Nordost has a nice diagram on what’s called the diagonal connection which I prefer in my system. Several ways to hook up jumpers so you might have to experiment a little to find what works for you. 

Yes, I read this too and tried all configurations. No good result.
They sound the best without jumper cables.
Maybe they need more time to burn in to settle in as they say. I question the jumpers are adding this or maybe they are passing on something upstream? If they don’t work out, hopefully you can return them. 
I have them for a months now and it got bad when i installed my mcintosh ma7200 about 3 weeks ago. I tried with/without jumpers multiple times. Every time the standard plates win. Its too late to send them back so i made my decision and sell them on ebay. 
Strange but for me no, more jumper cables. 
Perhaps the Chord Signature links are revealing the actual treble response of the B&W 702S2 while the standard metal plates toned down the brightness of the tweeter. I have the Chord Signature links and they do not show the character which you have described here. I have them on Harbeth Super HL5 Plus.