Simaudio Titan 5-channel or 3 Silver NAD S200 amp

Hi there! I am curious about what everyone will think of this? I am putting together a system and considering either buying 3 NAD S 200 SILVER SERIES STEREO AMPLIFIERS FOR HOME THEATER (to make up a 5 channel) or get a SIMAUDIO TITAN 5-channel AMPLIFIER. The cost is about the same for either option so cost is not an issue. I am thinking of matching my Martin Logans ASCENT, Theater i, and Scenario with either of the amplifiers. I also have Musical Fidelity sources. I have Rotel RSP 1066 processor and Nordost Blue Heaven (speaker cables)and Nordost Red Dawns interconnects. Your input in this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks to all!!!
Hi RSMCPHEE,I just got my titan7 and all I can say is WOW, very detail,powerfull and looks stuning.some people told me previous to the purchase that maybe I would have problem with the size of the amp,they were right, but guess what,for me it's all worht it,I really love this amp and works cool.

I have been hearing wonderful things about the Titan. They even compare it to one of the best multi-channel amp out there....Theat Dreadnaught! All I can say is it must be wonderful. Of course, Home Theater Magazine likes it too. The editor Chris Lewis phrased it saying: "It is definitely one the best mult-channel amplifier he has ran into" ---Home Theater Magazine. The NAD silver series stereo amplifiers of course are also well regarded, the arguement for having 3 separate power supplies and transformers is attractive. They are also heavier if you add up all the weight, if that matters at all. But ultimately, the sound is what makes the difference. I look forward to hearing to more people about this discussion. Thanks for the help in making the comparison to all.
My Titan should be arriving early next week. I'm really curious how this beast will sound with my setup. I've gone through a number of amps in the past 2 years, and I'm hoping this one will be the one that completely satisfies :)

I have gone through numerous amp myself. I had Pass X3, ATI2007, Krell KAV500, Outlaw 750, and NAD 270 (3 of them). So far I enjoyed them all and each have their sonic weaknesses and strength but I really have not found the one for me. I'd love to hear about what other equipment you've tried. Also, I would like to know if you would keep the Moon Titan after the initial honeymoon is over. Of course this will take time I understand but I really would like to hear back about your opinion with the Simaudio lineup after few weeks and burned in time. Lasly, I would like to know how much you paid for it (if you dont mind that is)

I started with a B&K Reference 5-ch amp, then moved into a Plinius 8200 2-ch + AVA 240/3 3-ch, then went to a combo of the AVA 240/3 and AVA Fet-Valve 350EX 2-ch hybrid tube, and then went with a Butler 5150 5-ch hybrid tube.

A good deal came around on the Titan, and though I can't go into specifics, it made getting out of the Butler and into the Simaudio piece very attractive. I've had a Simaudio P-3 pre-amp before, so I know I've moved into a very high quality level in workmanship and parts. The only question that remains is how the amp will mate with my Krell HTS 7.1 pre-pro, Denon 5900 DVD player and Dynaudio Contour S series speakers.
John that is the same set up,I'm trying to get,I already own a titan amp and I was looking to get a krell hts 7.1 .so I guess,I'm gona have to wait a little while for now,by the way do you know who might have a good deal on the hts 7.1?what should I pay for one of those?
I am now sold with the Simaudio Titan. Do you think matchin it with Lexicon MC8 would be idea guys?
My Lex MC12 is mated with the SimAudio Titan.
Home Theater Bliss!!!!!!!!
Got the Titan beast yesterday. Oh my! So that's what Dynaudio's can sound like when feed a magnificent 400wpc. I'm in sonic heaven :)
I am also considering Moon W6 monoblocks and a 5-channel Titan. My preamp choices (I want both great HT and pure 2-channel audiophile sound) are either the Lexicon MC8, the Krell HTS7.1 or the Anthem AVM-20. Do any of you have this combination or opinions on these combos?