What speakers are people using with this amplifier?? I guess I am looking for the best match possible.
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Did you mean "Triton?" If so, the speakers I have listed on my system page work nicely. Also, what price range are you considering?

I am a fan of the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter so would recommend you audition their speakers that use that tweeter, or EgglestonWorks, or Silverline.

I'm using it it drive magnepann 3.6r with pretty good result
Its not for my system, its for my brothers in Chicago.He has a AYON Triton Amp and drives a pair of JBL century 100's from the mid seventies. I had him audition a pair of $7,000 Harbeth's and they could not out perform the JBL's (go figure) the people in the store agreed with my brother the vintage JBL's sounded as good or better! Very disappointed with HARBETH :-(

There's a few guys around here that use Century 100s, they're good speakers.
I used the Triton for a few years with Daedalus speakers. If he is happy with the Triton there should be no complaints using Daedalus. The Athena is in the 8k range (figured that would be in budget since you mentioned auditioning a 7k pair of speakers)... Send him to RMAF to hear Daedalus. Looks and sounds beautiful! And worked well in all departments with my past Ayon Triton integrated.