Purenote titanium IC vs Stealth Indra.

I tried using the purenote titanium IC's after finding a lot of good refrences for those on the forums, plus there was a sale on, for them at purenote. I have found them to be quite good. Since then I have come acorss quite a buzz aound the Steath Indra. Was curious how do they compare. Does any body have any experiences with both the ICs.

I'm curious myself. Lets hope some with experience here chime in


What cables were you using before the Titaniums? If it isn't too much trouble, give us an idea of the gear you are using at the moment.

Thank you.

I was using empirical audio speaker cables and xtreme audio X5 and X4 interconnects. My gear...

1) Parasound JC-1 monoblocks
2) ML-380 preamp
3) Benchmark media DAC-1
4) MacBook as the source, driving the DAC1 through Empirical audio USB off ramp
5) Cadence audio ARCA electrostat speakers
6) REL studio III sub.

1), 2) and 3) are Empirical audio modded.