Anyone hear the Earthquake Titan Tethy speakers

Here's a pic, just scroll down to them.
They certainly look really well built.
There in the middle of the page in red.
Hi Doug, I have a pair of Earthquake Titan Tethys. They are a wonderful pair of speakers. Great sound reproduction, tight bass, and very loud ! I have them connected in biamp configuration and the dynamics are wonderful ! I'm using two Mark Levinson #23 and it's doing a great job!
Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know.
They are very very rare !
Wynnytsky, the speakers look impressive.
How is the bass? I know it uses two 12 inch woofers and a 15 inch passive woofer.
No but that's a pretty cool product name and the bigger speakers in the photo look pretty hefty (a good thing if done well) to go along with the Earthquake Titan moniker.
Here is someone who owns the Earthquake Titan Tethy speakers
Looks like a bad B&W knockoff.