I am thinking to create a home theatre in my living room, but mostly I enjoy listening to music - mainly classical but I do not want to restrict my system to that.
My living room is 4.8m x 10m and 3.3m tall.
Ceiling is made of concrete, floor is marble and walls from briks.
In the living room there are all kind of furniture that a living room may have, plus few plants (2 of them 3m tall) and a fireplace.
Having said that I would like to comment that a sub would fit with great dificulty in that room and a lot of complaints from my wife.
My budget is 17000 euro plus 5000 euro per year, meaning that I can wait to build a nice home theater in due time.
I have a nice bargain for a new anthem P2 at 3000 euro from a store that has it in stock and needs the cash, so I will probably buy that one.
I live in Greece, so auditioning expensive speakers is not easy, if not impossible. On the other hand I may squiz the dealers for a good price.
I have heard
MA PL200 which I liked the best so far, so I decided for PL300 (7500 euro) but I keep other options open.
I also heard focals 1038 be but I found MA more to my taste.
I am also tempted for b&w 803d (8000 euro) though I was not able to listen to them.
Last week I "saw" aurum titan viii (10500 euro) for which I think I would not have to get a sub and make my wife happy. But still audioning them out of question.
Right now my mind is mixed up and I could use all available help.
I have read tons of reviews, characteristics and forums which made things more complicated.
Any suggestions limmited on the speakers I have named?
Any suggestions about any other speaker? (Having in ming that I liked better the pl200 than 1038be - personal taste, I would say I loved the ribbon on classic music)
Any suggestions on a pre-amp?

For the time being I will keep my denon dcd 2010ae and my panasonic btd500 till next year. Then I upgrade my cd player after that purchase remaining speakers and amps and finally my bd player. At least this is the plan.
My tv is a panasonic vt50 55".

Thank you for your help
Finally I managed to audition PL300.
The speakers were driven by Krell s550i integrated amplifier and a krell cd player (krell evolution 505 sacd/cd). Perhaps not the best for the speakers but still it was the best I have heard so far.
I would like to remind to every reader that I am not in any way a specialist auditor for speakers, but just an ordinary guy who is looking to buy the bestfor the money given. I was very impressed from the clarity and the exceptional sound stage that was created.
I listened about 1.5 hours of classical music and then some regional and some juzz just for testing the speakers abilities, especially for the low bass which was outstanding.
Please keep in mind that I mostly listen to classical, so I cannot have a good idea about other kind of music (meaning to know how they are supposed to be like by hart) but everything sounded perfect to me.
The highs and mids are just perfect and I was absolutely happy.
Also, i want to comment that if there was a way to hide the speakers in the room, I would not be able to say where they could be.
The stage was wide and long and you could listen each organ in the orchestra at its place like you were in the philarmonic theatre.
It was absolutely perfect!
For home theatre use a sub is a must.
I have no hesitation to buy them, except to listen to the titans viii which are close to specs but with much lower bass.
If anyone has a personal audition with these speakers, please share.

Also the pl300 are the most beutifull and well constructed speakers from those I have seen (always to my taste).

Thank you for any assistance
I am going to Philadelphia USA on a bussines trip. Does anyone knows any retailer there with these speakers? (Pl300 / 803D / Quadral Titan VIII)
I would be more than happy to come back with a pair of them...!