Silverline speakers?

Hi all!

Question... Does anyone know about the resale value of Silverline speakers? Specifically the Sonatina Mk IV.

I ask because I'm considering trading my speakers for a pair of the Sonatina Mk IV. I'm trying to figure out what they are worth so I know how to proceed with the trade.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, expertise and advice.
There is a pair on AudiogoN right now for $3550.00
The pair I was looking at had a flaw in the veneer on the back of one of the speakers. I was wondering how much that would devalue the speakers.
Are Silverline speakers easy to move/sell?
Yes and No .
The small ones are among the best monitors and easy to sell.
Many of his bigger speakers are very heavy and most aren't
big on 100 lb + speakers .
You could probably get a local kitchen cabinet maker repair the veneer for $200-$300 depending on how bad. I've seen it done so well it's nearly impossible to detect even if you are looking for the flaw.

Silverlines have been steadily well reviewed and I've seen many sold here pretty quickly. Alan is a good guy if you ever need a driver replaced, etc. Solid rep. Cheers,

When a woofer in my newly acquired Preludes wasn't working I called and Alan answered…fun conversation, and it had a part 2 when I called again noting a false alarm (the woofer simply was not connected to the crossover)…I learned that the Preludes were designed to NOT be bi-wired as, in his words, they're "more coherent" sounding when single wired (they have the ability to bi-wire anyway as people insist), and I learned the cost of a new woofer. Silverline gets a gold star from me.