Siltech G3 X H.T. ProSilway II

Please,can someone help me to choose between these two cables?
My System:
SME 10A,Koetsu Rosewood Signature
Accuphase DP-65V
Pass X-2 PreAmp
Pass X-150 Amp
Apogee Caliper Signature

Thank you
Good question! I tried Pro-Silways to my Pass pre and found them a bit lean and bright, with a too laid back midrange.
Strongly prefer Discovery Essence now. Found the Nordost Red Dawn and the HT VERY similar, which surprised me.
If you decide to go with the Silways let me know, as I'll probably part with my 1m RCA MkII if you want. OTOH I may keep them for the FM tuner. Good luck. Ernie
Thank you for your advice Subaruguru!
I have owned the Pro Silway 2 and the Siltech 80 G3. I would say the Siltech is a much better cable. My findings of the Silway 2 are the same as Subaru's. The Siltech is a lot warmer cable with excellent bass and midrange, it wants for the transparency that Silway offers though.