Siltech 330L or 770L?

Hello everybody, the question might be a bit weird but let me explain.

My system is composed by a Jadis DA50RC Signature tube amp (with KT90) driving a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento speakers. Source is a Clearaudio Performance SE turntable with EAR 834P Signature Deluxe phono amp and an Akurate DS digital streamer.

I have been able to demo Siltech 330L speaker cables with all the series of interconnect (from 330i to 770i) which have pleased me a lot. Now that is time to take the plunge I am not sure if taking the 330L or go for the best and set for life with the 770L. I do not have opportunity yo try the 770L as my dealer has not them in stock...

Not sure the price difference would be justified...what do you think?
Thanks a lot
If you can spring for the extra $$, I'd definitely go with the 770L. The 330L and 770L are essentially the same design but the 770L has many more conductors and will add a lot more power and weight to the music. It will also flesh out images far better where the 330L will sound rather lean by comparison.

I've owned both the 770i interconnects and 770L speaker cables for a couple years and they're definitely keepers.
Thanks a lot for your answer Rfogel8
Did you change cables in the end or you still own the Siltech?
01-07-13: Rfogel8
If you can spring for the extra $$, I'd definitely go with the 770L. The 330L and 770L are essentially the same design but the 770L has many more conductors and will add a lot more power and weight to the music. It will also flesh out images far better where the 330L will sound rather lean by comparison.


Along with fuller more organic timbre plus improved dynamic contrast, usually also gets quieter (lower noise floor) as you climb up the line.

How revealing one's system is and of course budget, usually determine how far one chose/needs to go. I pulled the stop at King, whereas, my brother anchored his on 770L after comparing it to Prince. In his system, the gain in performance, obvious as it may be, to him not worth the additional $$ difference.

Been using Siltech since early '80s in various iterations and is still my preferred cable choice to date. Of noteworthy in your case is that I have always found them to be an especially superb match with the various Jadis equipments (dac, amps, pre) I had in the past.
Thanks a lot Bvdiman. Indeed I found out that Siltech cables work very well with Jadis. Which Jadis equipment did you have?
Do you think that the 770L would be overkill for the system I have put in place so far?

Thanks again for all the advices
Used their D/A converter in early '90s. Later.. JP80, JA80, JA200.

If budget permits, better to invest straight in the 770L. It will give you enough
headroom for when your system evolves. Probably even, the last SC you will ever need.
Good luck.
Acalex, yes I'm still using the Siltech and am done looking at cables.

Bvdiman, I agree that there are across the board improvements as you move up in the Siltech line. I didn't want to blather on too much about their merits but I love the improvements they've made in my system.

A friend of mine is a Siltech dealer so I was able to acquire mine at a deep discount. Even so, being "married with children", I had to draw the line somewhere and the 770 series seemed like the most bang for the buck.

My electroincs are Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk3 pre & MA-1 OTL amps. They reveal everything!
Thanks a lot guys for the answers, very very helpful. Have you ever compared the Siltech with Atlas Mavros or Asimi or eventually with Telurium UltraBlack/Graphite cables?

For now my reference is Siltech but I would still like to demo these 2 brands which appear to be very well reviewed everywhere...
Acalex, I'm not up on all the "flavor of the month" cables these days, neither have I heard of the ones you're asking about.

My only caution would be, if you decide to sell them down the road, will they be worth anything?

Siltech's been around a long time, the company's quite successful, they enjoy a good reputation and their products retain more value than most. Personally, I'd go with a known commodity.
Rfogel8, yup for various reasons we each have to draw our own line somewhere. Were it not for the additional substantial cost, I too would have like to go further up the chain myself.

That said, as I am also contemplating to going back the full FMA route some day which mean use of their own proprietary cabling a requisite for optimum performance, further spending on others, (ICs & SC especially), is somewhat moot for me.
Indeed thats a very goog point. The second hand market for Siltech is very active and you can't find many of their cables online (except cheap imitations from China). The few original ones sold through proper channels are always sold in no is indeed some indirect value that needs to be considered
Acalex I thought Atma-Sphere's claim to fame was their equipment wasn't effected by cables as much as other gear? At least the designer will tell you that.
Rsf507, Atma-Sphere/Ralph's only claim is, because their preamps & amps are a true "balanced differential design", the interconnect between amp and preamp will have minimal effects on the sound. He readily admits that speaker cables can make a big difference as well as interconnects between preamp and source.

I've tried a few different cables between the MP-1 and MA-1's and always hear a difference. It may not be huge but it's audible.
Hello- I have some older G2 pure silver Siltech LS2-90's with CJ pre and power amps. Speakers are meadowlark blue herons (full range, piezo electric tweeter, first order crossovers).
I'm looking to upgrade my speaker wires - especially to get more midrange. For budget reasons i'm between G5 Mark II's or perhaps 330 or 550's.

Any thoughts or experience with these would be great.
Accuphase, JMlamdiva utopia ,Tara-labs omega ,0,8,
I have changed IC 0,8 for siltech LS-18IQ for 250$( from my friend )
and This was shock pure,pure,pure music beatiful in all hi-tons ,midrange and bas conect with Omega from tara Imposible ? but true !
now I want try 550i or 770i
A friend happens to be using an older flagship JMLab speakers with Accuphase electronics+Siltech cabling and loving the synergy. I too am now running my basically Accuphase system with Siltech, and found them an excellent match. Taras are also very good, ultimately, its a matter of taste and synergy.. Goodluck. Try, and let us know.