Siltech or Tara Labs GamuT

I am searching the XLR interconect for the GamuT D200,GamuT D3i and Meridian G08 cd player?What is the beter choice Siltech SQ-110 Classic Mk 2 XLR or Tara Labs The One XLR?
Dk, you will need to go much higher up the Siltech line to compete with The One. Think G6 conductor.
No contest. Go with the Tara Labs
i use Tara Labs The 0.8 xlr to connect my Gamut M250 to Aesthetix Callisto pre.
I used my K-S Emotion's on friends system, Gamut CD3, LS26, Gamut M250 and Kharma Fe3.2 ceramic with great succes. He used pure silver IC, SC and PC's and it was lifeless and bleached without bass extension and lot of grain through high midrange and treble.
" He used pure silver IC,SC and PC's and it was lifeless and bleached without bass extention and lot of grain through the midrange and treble". I assume you mean the system sounded this way before inserting the K-S cords. What were the results like with the K-S cords. I use them, and they have always been very detailed, but never bleached or thin in any way.
Silver were bleached, K-S were extraordinary, dynamic, with excellent timbres, low bass, midrange and grain free treble.
After several years I sold my Tara Labs The One XLR and buy Harmonix Golden Pwerformance HS101-GP-SUS XLR cable.This is a beter IC than Tara.