Shunyata Hydra Vibration Isolation ???

I was curious what other members use for isolation under their Hydra units. I have a Model 6 and was looking for options. GC Audio makes their own points for the units. I know that the thread size is smaller than 1/4 x 20. Thus standard cones do not work. Thank you in adavance for sharing your knowledge! Zenieth
I use Symposium Roller Blocks and there is a noticeable difference.
I am using Black Diamonds Racing Cones with pads. Audible difference.
I use Black Diamond Racing pits with good results.
cutting board ,maple preferably.
Cork board -- not less than an inch.
SYMPOSIUM ROLLER BLOCKS OR ROLLERBLOCK JR i have AUDIENCE 6T They blew away Black Diamond it was not close!! Call Peter at Sympsoium tell him ED told you!!
Older thread but I found a comprehensive list of and their favored thread sizes.
Call Steve at Herbies
We sampled the Shunyata devices in our studios a year ago replacing the factory footers with Audio Points that yielded very audible and beneficial results.

The thread size listed in our notes is an 8-32. Hope this helps.
Another vote for Black Diamond Racing cones with their discs - don't remember the name of the discs.