Motor Vibrations

I'm in the midst of tuning/upgrading a Well Tempered Classic. The original AC motor has a significant vibration, so I've been experimenting with the Origin Live DC motor and power supply. The OL motor vibrates fairly significantly, too, enough to be transmitted through the belt,platter and into the cartridge. I can also clearly feel the vibration in the belt whien I lightly touch it. I've experimented with different belts (the original rubber plus silk and nylon cords and dental floss) and found that the only way to reduce the vibration tranmitted to the cartridge is to loosen the belt tension to the point that there starts to be some "wow". Do all of you with DC motors experience vibration? If so, how much?

I suspect that I may have a bad motor, but the dealer tells me that the motors do vibrate to some degree. I could change over to Well Tempered's new AC motor which has some circuitry that is supposed to minimize vibration, cogging, etc. (See their website for details)

Any thoughts, suggestions, questions are welcomed.

I don't know what kind of DC motor you've got there Jimbo, but the Maxon DC motor in my Teres is totally vibrationless to the touch. I can't feel any vibration coming out of it. I think either that DC motor has a problem, or there is something else going on with it.

That's not a typical characteristic, for a good DC turntable grade motor to be vibrating like that. Something is wrong.
Agree with Twl, my Maxon has no detectable vibration except by touching the motor itself, and then just barely. My cat's purrs are deafening by comparison. Get a refund or exchange on that thing.

I don't know if a WTC would accommodate a Teres motor but maybe worth investigating. Lots of other TT owners are using them.
Thanks, Doug and Tom. I kinda figured something was wrong with the OL motor.

I looked into the Teres motor and I don't think it won't fit into the WT. I don't recall the exact measurements of the Teres motor- could eother of you measure height and width of yours for me? I'll double-check my table to see if I can make something work.

BTW- The OL motor is a Maxon, although not the same model as the one that Teres uses.

Maybe it is a bad motor, or maybe it has something to do with the power that you are feeding it. It needs to be dead flat DC.
Tom- I do have the OL power supply and regulator, but perhaps one of these are defective??
I don't know exactly where the problem lies Jim. But something is amiss.
Tom or Doug- does your motor vibrate to the touch? Does the belt material (whatever you are using) vibrate when you lightly touch it while operating? Mine is relatively quiet, it's just that it vibrates to the touch.

If I can't find a suitable OL motor and the Teres motor doesn't fit, should I go with the latest Well Tempered AC motor or are there some other DC kits out there?

If the OL motor is made by Maxon, it is a high quality motor, and should not cause this problem.

My Teres motor has no discernable vibrations on the housing that I can feel when it is running. However, I have battery power supply for it.

I have set up and auditioned an OL DC motor/controller system on another TT not too long ago, and did not notice this problem. But I didn't really look for it either. I'd get another kit from your dealer, just to make sure that it isn't some kind of defect in the kit, before you bail out on the OL package.
Thanks, Tom. He is going to be sending me another motor and if that doesn't do the trick, he's going to send an entire kit. I'll post the results.

I initially ran the motor for 5 days without a load and now, after running the motor under full load for a couple of days this week, it seems to have quieted down dramatically and the problem seems to have resolved itself.

Thanks to Jay at Audio Revelations for his assistance and persistence.

Jim, Not surprising if a motor needs a little run-in to settle down I guess. Just another audio voodoo mystery thingy.

Glad to hear the problem seems to be resolved. Especially since I kept forgetting to measure my motor pod like you requested :(