Shelter 201 Cartridge: I just put it into my system Aug. 6 2016

I'm pretty impressed so far. I need to put more hours on it to make a more informed evaluation. But so far I like what I'm hearing--excellent dynamics, excellent truth of timbre, honest and rich midrange, works well on a variety of music genres as though it was designed for each one. Full enough bass that I turn off the subwoofers for smaller ensembles. Lots of punch. Crazy enjoyment for the money. I got mine from a Japanese storefrong on eBay. USA authorized dealer list is $310; I got mine for $167. For the future replacement stylus is just $100. Any experiments, comments, reactions? 

I have experimented with this cartridge as well, and I was quite impressed.  At the time I was comparing it to a much more expensive Clearaudio Maestro V2, and the Maestro had more detail and depth.  However, a few minutes into listening with the Shelter I forgot about the comparison and just sat back and listened.  It's a very easy cartridge to listen to, and if the Maestro breaks I will happily drop the Shelter in its place without feeling that I'm missing much at all.

Thanks, Scott. When I'd play my Denon DL-160 back-to-back with an Audio Technica AT150MLX, I'd really notice the drop in detail when playing the DL160. When I play the Shelter 201 I'm drawn into the music and don't care. If something sticks out, it's usually its outstanding true-to-timbre midrange and the way it is equally adept at every kind of music I play on it.
I have had a Shelter 201 for a year now. Paid full retail my local dealer because Brian at Essential Audio has the reputation as being the most skilled cart installer in Chicagoland. I have this mounted on a Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck. I love it, can;t be beat for the money. I am glad I did not get a more expensive Shelter MC cart as I ripped the cantilever off the 201. The $100 replacement stylus was painless compared to the alternative.
The 201 was on the TAS list for best budget cart for 2015.